Newbie asking a/b NOVA Check Tote Size

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  1. Welcome to the Purse Forum!

    How much do you carry on a daily basis?
  2. Thanks! Not too much, just my wallet, sun glasses, a small makeup case, keys and stuff, sometimes some documents. The thing is, the two sizes look so different on me. The large one is cooler, and the medium one is more elegant. I am torn. :sad:
  3. What other bags do you own? If you have a lot of large ones, maybe a medium would balance things out... and vice versa
  4. thanks, Addy. I will load two photos for you to see the difference.
  5. Two photos of these two babies. one big baby, one medium. Thanks for your opinion.

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  6. I love this bag. Saw it today at Bloomingdale's!

  7. i'm about 5'0", veeery petite but oooh i love this bag!!!
    i love it so much i own 2 in different leather colors. :tup:
    and looking to buy another one.. only this time.. white leather!! :yes:

    i prefer the LARGE size even though i dont carry much in my purses. :shame:
    i'm just a large handbag lover.
    i dont think it would be too big on you..
    besides. large handbags are the IT bags.
    the bag is flexible and roomy so i think its great as an everyday bag.

    let us know what you choose to purchase!!
    and maybe some modeling pics... :graucho:
  8. I like the medium. the medium is pretty big..
  9. OMG, you have 2 already and you want another one?! Thanks for your opinion. I am not sure if I am a large bag fan. I just feel the large one makes me look shorter than I already am. I have uploaded two photos of me with the two sizes (see above). I already bought them in two sizes, and will give one of them (after my painful selection) to my friend. Please take a look and let me know what you think.
  10. i know, it is too cute,
  11. Thanks Bextasy! Yes, it is not tiny at all.
  12. I think the medium looks best on you, it just suits your over all frame much better :smile: But if you decide on the large, it honestly doesn't look bad either! I personally just prefer the medium on you :smile: btw, great shoes!
  13. Thank you very much, sweet Flipper! I am a little in favor of the medium one as well, but the big one can hold so much more in it. I will make a decision soon. Thanks for noticing my shoes. I think purse lovers always have a thing for shoes too.
  14. I have to let you know that I am stunned by the beautiful costumes you made. You are really creative and a beauty yourself too!