newbie: any problems with LV quality from elux?

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  1. Hi,

    I am debating whether to go to my local LV for the Galliera or to order it thru elux and save sales tax. I'm hesitant about spending over $1000 on a bag i can't inspect in person before purchasing and I've heard mixed things on the internet about other people's experiences buying LV thru elux.

    Seems a lot of you buy thru elux - any issues with quality?

    thanks for the advice!
  2. i've heard of a few on this forum, its really weird because i dont know if people have the same problems with italian bags, i've been very surprised to hear about people talking about gold chipping off and bags that have defects
  3. No problems from me!!! I ordered two Speedies and a Wapity from eLux with no problems.
  4. I've ordered many items from eLuxury. No problems for me. I just ordered a piece today, in fact. I don't hesitate to order from them.
  5. I've bought several LVs through eLux and have never had a problem. The tax savings is nice.
  6. i had a problem with one bag but it was returned with no problem. i bought several others with no problem. ii would continue to buy from e luxury.
  7. I've bought several bags from eLux, even returned a few. However, the Baggy PM I got had been used, but the scratch marks that were on the outside buckles seem inconsequential, not too mention inevitible from me upon the first use so I let it slide, plus I saved on tax. I think if you buy right at the launch it would be impossible to get someone else's return.
  8. Yes, I have had problems with LV from eLuxury. I bought a black epi leather speedy 25 and when it came, the leather near the top and stitches were cracking slightly. This was before any use. I was concerned that the more I used it, the worse it would become, so I returned it.

    I'm a bit suspricious of eLux after reading some horror stories here. Some people believe that eLux is where LV shifts their stuff that they can't sell in stores! I obviously don't know the truth, but just throwing it out there so you know.
  9. I've bought 2 speedys from them and so far no problem.
  10. i have had no problems myself
    and their customer service has always been great
  11. I agree, no problems here and I've ordered everything from LV bags, wallets and Inclusions to Marc Jacobs items to Juicy charms.
  12. I shop with ELUX, there isn't an LV WITH 150 MILE FROM ME SO,......i love that I do not have to pay sales tax.
    've been shopping with them for about 3 years and have had no problems, Their SA ARE ALWAYS VERY HELPFUL'
    Sorry for those with problems, but I will continue to buy from them.:tup:
  13. Hi everyone - thanks for all the feedback on your experiences. I think i will compromise and buy a speedy thru elux and go into the LV boutique (only 20 mins from me) for the galliera pm tomorrow. besides, i think elux is out of the galliera pm right now!:yes:
  14. I've bought all my LV bags from elux and have been very pleased. I even made a couple returns with no problem. Plus, I love saving on the taxes.
  15. If you are going to save on tax, then go for it ... if the quality is not up to par when you get it, their return policy is easy. You have 60 days vs. 14 days from boutiques.

    I've only been disappointed once and they quickly fixed it and gave me a $50. store credit!