Newbie and her 1st Miu Miu

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  1. Hello All,

    Hehe so excited to finally post. I was lurking for a while. Anyway, my first miu miu, actually my first luxury item ever... miu miu matelesse wristlet clutch which I'd like to share with you guys being quite the newbie here

    Bought it july this year at Orchard ION. Visiting the store was like dying and going to heaven.... The SAs were so nice...and everything was so perfect. And im obssessed with the brand. often scouring the web looking at bags and accessories and I adore the blog Anyway Im eyeing a bow in mughetto and a vitello lux at year's end and maybe a wallet. Praying for a good bonus...

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  2. Hi sgpradafan! Congrats Miu Miu is indeed an addiction!!!
  3. hope you get that bonus!!
  4. Congrats on your 1st miu miu! Let's wish for bigger bonus :smile:
  5. Good luck with the bonus! I came across the matelasse mughetto clutch today - gorgeous! Want one!
  6. Congrats and enjoy your new clutch!:smile:
  7. Yeah, bigger bonus is good :smile:

    you know of any sale year end? Will the seasonal bows go on sale?
  8. Great choice! Love the clutch. Congrats!