Newbie Alert!!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm been reading the forum for a week or so and I just wanted to introduce myself to you. I've recently discovered this forum on accident and you girls AND guys are awesome and know your bags very well. I'm 23yr olds and about to graduate so I'm looking for a awesome new bag to buy so it can start work with me. I'm very much leaning toward the Daimer speedy but I have a small problem choosing the size. How much difference is the 25 to the 30(besides the price)? Pics would help a lot. Point in mind, I'm really really short, like 4'll short but I like big bags..... :shrugs: thanks for reading.
  2. Welcome!

    I am not sure what to tell you about the speedy, both sizes are great. I personally think I like the ratio of the 25 better, but I do think the 30 will hold a fair amount more.
  3. yay! welcome to tPF. you will adore you time here. i have become addicted to this forum and i am sure you will too!
  4. Welcome!

    25/30...depends on what you usually carry around?
    But if you like big bags, go with the 30!
  5. Does anyone have a picture or two of them holding the speedy?? I hate to go to the store and realized that I look ridiculous with a bag too large for me.
  6. Hi the top of the LV forum you'll see a bunch of "sticky" threads. One of the threads is entitled "visual aids" and this is a spot for members to post pics of themselves wearing a bag.
    If you surf through that thread you'll find a bunch of pics of people wearing speedy 25s and speedy 30s.

    And IMO you can never go wrong with a 30...especially if you love big bags!
  7. Oh and'll never feel stupid in the store. The SAs are nice and will help can try on as many bags as you wanT!
    I went one day and spent almost an hour agonizing over a bag to get and my SA was sooooo helpful and patient!
  8. I carry so much stuff with that the 30 is the only one I would purchase. Honestly, to me it doesn't really seem that large!?!? Maybe I am just crazy! LOL The price difference is minimal. I say go larger. I am a bigger is better kinda gal! LOL
  9. Welcome to tPF. This is a great forum and you'll learn a lot and make a lot of great friends here. This is the best!!!!!!

    I can't say too much on the speedy, as I don't own one. I have seen them both IRL and the 30 definitely is much larger than the 25.
  10. :flowers: Welcome!

    I'm five feet tall and I had the 25 and 30. I sold the 25 as it was too small for me - the 30 is perfect!
  11. I say go for the 30, it does not seem too big for me. I am 5'1 on a good day and I have a mono 30. I like big bags too.
  12. :wlae: Welcome to the forum!:wlae: I'm 5'2", I got the 35 Mono and 30 Damier....I love big bags too! I say go for the 30!
  13. Thanks ladies! I've asked my bf the same question and he :shrugs: and then said 'do you want people thinking your giant bag lady??' I :wtf: but then I realized I AM A GIANT bag lady!!!!!
  14. Welcome!! I am 5'2" and the speedy 25 is perfect. A 30 is a bit more dramatic even though it is not that much bigger (the more petite you are, the more dramatic the look when you up the size of LVs). Ultimately, it is up to you, but I prefer the 25.
  15. Welcome to TPF, it is a great place to be.
    Speedys are great bags. I only have Epis so I can't really give you any advice other than this. EPI speedies run different than the Mono or Damier so if the Mono 25 is too small & the 30 too large....check out the wonderful Epi speedy 25. Really I just wanted to say HI! & welcome.