Newbie - advice on first Bbag

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  1. I have absolutely loved bbags forever but never thought i could be in a position to buy one...SO i would like to know whats the likelihood of finding a red (rouge?) or yellow (juane?) colored City under $900? Oh who am i kidding, i would be open to any color really. except sky blue! lol! I will be making this purchase for my birthday at the end of april so i guess i want to know what I am in for and don't want to set my self up for disappointment!

    Also, i have been skulking around the bbag forum a lot lately and am completely in awe and grateful for the wealth of knowledge you ladies posess! Thank you all for any input and for any help in advance!
  2. A City is a great choice for a first Bbag! Which colors do you like? If you really want Tomato or Jaune, you'll probably have to get them online (since they're from the past season) unless some lucky store still has them in stock. If you're looking for a City under $900, you're probably looking for a pre-owned one. Cities retail at $1195. Meanwhile, check out the reference library and clubhouse for pictures of the City in all sorts of colors to help you decide which ones you like. Good luck! :tup:
  3. thanks so much Jira! You are right! I do want to go with pre-owned for a couple reasons, first the bag will already be nicely worn in and secondly its more affordable. So is tomato the only red that cities come in? I actually would love any color really. I am very partial to the Mogano i have discovered. thanks for noting all of the reference locations....i do have a bit of time to do some "studying" so to speak! I appreciate your comments and i hope i do find luck in aquiring my first bbag!
  4. first, just go to the reference library and educate yourself on the styles and colours. then you'd know that tomato didn't come in just the city style. tomato is hard to find now, i think. there's a like-new jaune city on;jsessionid=65E0306FF551A9A25D655C3998FC3BAD.qscstrfrnt02?categoryId=17&productId=221

    priced a little above retail. i believe the higher price has to do with the weaker american dollar. RDC is a consignment store.

    and i think it's quite next to impossible to find pre-loved bags at prices below retail, especially the coveted ones. bbags are known to fetch high returns for resellers. again, you'd have to do your own reading up to draw the conclusions and make informed choices. there'll always be at least two sides to a story. loads and loads of threads on these topics.
  5. Keep looking and good luck! I think Aloha Rag still has a jaune city in stock for 1195 with free shipping.
  6. thanks glossie and classicsgirl! its good to know that the pre-loved are usually above retail. makes me rethink buying the first one used....!
  7. Hi!

    If you purchase a First from Aloha Rag, it's about USD965 (free shipping, and after 3% discount, and I think, no taxes if you're not from Hawaii), this is pretty close to your budget :smile:

    The have cities too, which the discount, free shipping applies to as well.
    (apply for the discount online by becoming a member for free). You could check the Aloha Rag thread for updates on stocks and contact details.

    Hope this helps. GL!
  8. There was a juane city bag on ebay in great shape. I think it was around $650, but the owner would only take cashiers check. I don't think it sold. But if you are looking for a cheaper bag, check ebay regularly. Just make sure you have the bag authenticated first.
  9. THANKS! janechin76 and aklein! the ebay juane for $650 would've been awesome! and I am going to check out Aloha Rag! the discount sounds helpful and i dont mind spending a little more if i have too!