Newbie advice needed for 09C white reissue


Jan 7, 2009
Hi, I am buying my first Chanel and would like a bit of advice. Ideally, I would like a medium/large classic flap or reissue for my first Chanel but haven't managed to find it as I would like to have it in white with silver h/w but I have called all the boutiques in London and they don't have stock at the moment. So I would prefer to hold out for something I really like rather than rush into a purchase.

Now I have come across a white reissue with black piping from the 09 Cruise collection that I really LOVE. I have been thinking of it since I saw it over the weekend and I can see how I can wear it in so many ways. Only thing is that as it is in white and soft lambskin, I am really afraid of getting it dirty or scratching it. Even the SA was saying that it would get scratched easily and I would have to be careful abt the colours I wear with it.

I do have a multitude of white bags as that is my fav colour and so far, I have never had the issue of the colour of my clothes rubbing onto my bags but have heard stories of how it happened to others. So does this really happen? Also, is it true that the scratches cannot be removed from the bag? I am thinking in terms of making a coloured scratch against a white bag? Could the experts pls advise me? I would love to get the bag and would use it often but tat will then bring the issue of how I can maintain the bag to look pristine as I am not the best with my bags and do get them occassionally dirty.

I am not sure how to post a pic here but the bag has been posted a number of times in various threads as part of the Cruise Collection and you can see it on the Chanel website. It is called "Structured-flap-bag-in-white-lambskin-with-black-piping-inspired-by-chanel-s-iconic-perfume-box" and the code is A46260 Y05190 C0200.

Thanks so much for reading.
Jun 23, 2007
I've seen that bag and it is drop dead beautiful. It was in a display case and very marked up and scratched. I don't have a good feeling about being able to use that bag. I have the 227 white with black hardware reissue. I am not worried about that bag, but the hardsided white box could be a problem with maintenance.


Aug 4, 2008
maintainence cud be an issue. if ur worried abt it , then get a black colour. i really think that white bags are more for those who buys lots of chanel. if ur looking for ur first and think it will be ur only chanel for a while, then get sumtin which is low maintainence like one in black colour perhaps.. or a caviar leather.. matte distressed leather in black is good too. :smile:
Dec 19, 2007
Bon Vivant
If you like so much, why worry so much.

Just get it and baby it, pamper it. Do whatever you can do to protect it (of course you have to carry it o.w. why buy it, right?) I have distressed white reissue w/ black HW and I only make sure I don't wear jeans when I carry it. Keep away from the water since moisture tends to soak colors easily.

Good luck.


Feb 21, 2008
Congrats on the white reissue, it is stunning.

I think, as long as you avoid dark colors clothings and maintain short fingernails, your white reissue will last many many many many decades. Enjoy your bag to the fullest after purchasing:smile:

I actually feel that for chanel bags, the more you use, the more glorious they become. When i first bought my med caviar classic flap, my bf doesn't like it at all, after 11 months (wee 1 year anniversary with my first chanel soon), he actually started to give compliments on how my bag becoming more and more beautiful. Strange huh~ but true.


Jan 7, 2009
Tks for your comments. As pointed out, my main concern is maintenance as it is such a soft leather and it is WHITE!!! But then again, white has also been my fav colour and it will still be my first Chanel colour rather than black. I will probably go down again this weekend to take a look at it as I really do love it.

But could I ask if the white lambskin is that soft or is it just this design/collection? I have never seen a white lambskin flap in real life and have only come across white caviar. Any comments would help. Tks!