Newbie ? about cutting and pasting.

  1. Hi - can someone help me.

    If I go to another website and "copy" a link and then try to respond or post on here...when I right doesn't pop up with "paste" but rather options like
    (back, reload, this page).

    what am I doing wrong that I cannot paste on here?
  2. I'll move this to Site Feedback for you, that's where any tech questions would go.
  3. Instead of copying and pasting, could you just save it to your computer and then attach it?
  4. If it is a really long weblink - like from eBay - i'd like to cut and paste the link
  5. okay, I didn't read that it was a web link.
    just click on the web address to highlight it and press Ctrl & C at the same time, to paste it press Ctrl & V at the same time.
  6. THANK YOU!! It seems to work! hahah
  7. oh good!:biggrin:
  8. Yep that is what I was going to suggest!! Swanky took care of it though! :yahoo: