Newbie about after getting my first birkin

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  1. Thanks for TPF members s encouragement and detail information.
    After being rejected by 4 out 5 hermes shop in HK.
    I finally got my first Birkin recently

    It is gold birkin 30 cm ( I prefer 35 cm but need to compromise as it is so hard to purchase a Birkin in Hermes Hk.

    Just want to ask

    1. how do you care my bag ( if it got dirty , scratch . it s gonna killing me
    because the bag is so precious), do you apply spray before using
    or any other thread discuss about it.

    2. has any girls use the raincoat, do you put in birkins to prevent any rainy day happen

    3. 30 cm size is relatively small , any precaution for using it.

    I am just a newbie to birkins, sorry for so many questions
  2. Congratz on your new birkin!!!!! Enjoy!
  3. jsut like have a new puppy at home
  4. so excited
  5. and gold is such a great colour!! i think hk tpfer should have a special bag charm so when we see each other around, we can say hi...of course, only if they want tho...haha
  6. hi NYParis

    i am also newbie...... i have same question as u

    I know some TPFers use leather protector and cleaner on your birkin
    I asked my SA how do I care for my birkin, any recommended leather protector etc
    She said no, dnt use anything, jst bring it back to the shop if thr's a prob w the leather.

    So shd I or shd I not leather care the bag?
  7. Congrats on your new birkin.

    Please never never use any leather spray or coat on your birkin. If it's dirty, always send it in to Hermes Craftsman for a spa/cleaning.

    I assume your leather is Togo or Clemence. In this case if it rains, remember to wipe away the rain drops. I have never used the raincoat before but some of my friends did and it works pretty well.

    All of my birkins are in 30cm and I don't baby them at all (well that's just me). So far, the good side of having a 30cm vs 35cm is that you don't have to worry about it bumping onto stuff unlike a 35cm.
  8. Congrats on getting your first Birkin. I also got my first Birkin a month ago and mine is gold as well. My bag is Togo leather and I asked my Sa about treating the bag and he said not to put anything on it, so I haven't. I have read that the raincoat is not all that effective, so I try to keep my eye on the weather. The bottom line is that eventually you have to just use the bag and enjoy it or there is no point in owning it, but I am not there yet.;) Congrats again on your new bag. BTW what leather did you get?
  9. Congrats!!! It took me a while (and several trips to the store) before I found my first birkin (also a 30). Same as the posters above, my SA told me not to put anything on the leather (this was for other H bags, but the same applies to the birkin), but to take it back to them for cleaning if necessary.

    In terms of rain, I'm diligent about checking the weather report (and was bummed because it rained the ENTIRE month of June for me). You might also want to do a search for the thread on the longchamp pliage bag as travel protector and birkin raincoat - I've been contemplating purchasing one for my precious H ladies after reading up here on tpf.

    Congrats again!!! Gold is a lovely color!
  10. Congrats on your new Birkin, yeah don't use anything, just wipe it regularly so as not to accumulate dust or dirt of everyday use. Some leather cleaners or protectors might just ruin the leather in the end.
  11. Congrats on your new Birkin!

    I second what the others have said - please don't spray/apply anything on your Birkin.

    I have an Envirosax that I place in my Birkin and it comes out automatically whenever there is rain. I feel it's much better than the raincoat provided cos I can also ensure that the handles are protected.

    If your Birkin is togo/clemence, it's actually pretty hardy and does not need much babying, so don't worry too much and focus on enjoying your new Birkin!
  12. same as you togo :biggrin:

  13. Congrats on your Birkin!

    I have taken my togo out when it has been bad weather, and I just wipe it off should any rain fall on it. Like others have said, don´t put anything on your bag...send it to the spa if you need it cleaned in the future!

  14. Congratulations! Birkin in gold is so pretty and 30 is a good size. Enjoy!!
  15. congarts,..... glad u keep trying...