Newbee Question - City

  1. Hello all. :p This is my very first post. You all have AMAZING collections :heart:. I have a question for you; how big is the city style? Has the size always been the same?

    Thank you so much in advance :wlae:
  2. welcome to the PF! the city have always been the same size. here is the measurements: 15"x10"x3.5"

    if you need more references, check out the reference threads on top.
  3. The City rocks!!! It's the best (in my opinion) intro style for a newbie and the perfect size. Don 't worry - you'll be adding many of the others after this. Enjoy!
  4. I stayed away from the City for a while b/c I couldn't see it in person and thought it would be too large. However, after recieving my first City it's now my favorite style! It's neither too large or too small.. it's just PERFECT! And I love that I can put all I need in it and the shape still remains slouchy and amazing :love: I would most certainly rec' a City to anyone looking for the perfect sized Balenciaga.
  5. Aw thank you all so much! :tup:

    (...I actually found the reference thread just after I posted!)
  6. The city's the best size. It goes with all body types, weights, and heights IMHO.
  7. I say City as well. Perfect everyday size, fits everything and its light weight.
  8. city is the perfect size for almost anyone!! and it's a good size for a first bbag too!
  9. Nina, if you don't mind me adding to your question...

    ...does anyone know the difference between the City and Giant City measurements?