Newb questions.

  1. Hello all. I've never sold anything on eBay, but been thinking about it. I don't really have too many things that are really valuable.. a few non name brand purses and a few name brands, prob won't get over $20 bucks for. Is it worth it to sell items that aren't high in value after all the eBay fee's?

    PS- I'm also scared to even sell anything bc I've read all these horror stories :s !!!!
  2. i've been selling recently to make room in my closet -- mostly clothes that i would otherwise donate, but the condition and styles are too recent/new for me to justify giving them away for free. so i put them into big lots to sell. they don't fetch much (maybe $1 or $2 per item), but it's a fast way to get rid of a lot of non-designer stuff that's taking up room. just make sure that you set the shipping price right -- i had to pay extra to ship than what i had listed because i underestimated the weight of the lot of clothes i sold.
  3. There a saying one man trash is another man treasure...:tup:

    Be careful of the fee for listing and ending on ebay...paypal tooo... factor in shipping in auction and specify type of shipping...:yes:
  4. You may not make that much, but you will build up your feedback rating, so when you do have something valuable to sell, a buyer will know you can be trusted.
  5. thnx everyone!