newb bbagger: best place to buy in Philly Metro area?

  1. Hey ladies! A number of you have recommended that I look into purchasing a B-bag (which is a brand I'd never even heard of before coming to TPF!).

    I live in Philadelphia and I was wondering if anyone knew which store(s) had the best B-bag selection. I'm willing to go up to the BalNY store if you think there's nowhere around here that's even comparable in terms of selection.

  2. Hi chaka! I live in Havertown, right outside Philly. There are really only 2 options in our area for bbags - Joan Shepp on Walnut, but they seem to carry mostly non-moto bags and NM in King of Prussia. NM does not have the best selection and generally, their bags tend to seem a bit "dry" to me (but I only own 1 bbag currently (no. 2 on the way!) so admittedly, I am far from being an expert!). If you have the time to go to BalNY, it might be worth the trip.

    And hey, if you're ever in KoP, we need to keep our eyes peeled for each other as I NEVER see anyone carrying bbags around here and I'm dying to see a fellow bbag gal or guy! I'll be the hugely pregnant gal with a 5 year old (and possibly 95 year old as well if its one of the days I am taking my grandmother out!) wearing an anthracite city.
  3. ^^ besides Joan Shepp (wierd collection, lots of whistle and padded bags) and NM in KoP, also check with Saks in Bala Cynwyd. The philly Saks does not officially carry Bbags, but they do accept returns from other Saks that sell Bbags. I was once taken to a back room full of Bbags. Might be a good place to find some previous year bags!