newark airport

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  1. what is newark airport like how does it rate i plan to visit new york again this summer last time i flew into JFK airport but im after learning that if you fly into newark airport its cheaper does anyone have any experience with newark i presume its excellent airport or should i pay a bit more and stick with JFK plus how much would taxi cost from newark airport into manhatten i know last year from JFK into holiday inn express fifth avenue it cost $50 plus tip:cutesy:
  2. huh? i always thought it was cheaper flying in from JFK if ure coming in internationally.
  3. this should probably be moved to the travel section
  4. well i looked up last minute . ie you just type in your dates and they pick flight and accomdation f you go with continental airlines you fly into newark and its much cheaper than flying with delta and landing in JFK
  5. I think it is easier to get to NYC from the Newark airport. You can take the train from the airport right into Penn Station. Or you can take a cab and the ride isn't too long depending on what part of the city you are going to. And it is really cheap to fly from Newark to Ireland.
    as for the airport, I think it's a pretty good one -- clean, relatively easy to navigate and there are plenty of shops, etc if you are stuck there.
  6. Newark is a major hub for Continental, thus the lower fares.

    It is very easy and even shorter, IMO, to get into Manhattan from Newark. I actually prefer it to JFK since it's closer to Manhattan. Traffic through Queens from JFK to Manhattan can be BRUTAL.

    From Newark to Manhattan, you can take a cab, and there's a bus direct from Newark to Penn Station.
  7. thanks for the above info i think i might go with newark cause to be honest i did not think of a whole pile of jfk because when we were returning back to ireland from JFK they over booked flight and we were delayed for about 2 hrs
  8. Yes, Newark Airport is definitely much easier to deal with than JFK. And no, flights from JFK aren't necessarily cheaper.

    Have you considered taking the train into the city from Newark, as opposed to a cab? It's a lot faster and cheaper:tup:
  9. no i never really thought of the train would you be waiting long and when you get off train in manhattan would you have far to go im thinking of staying in holiday inn express on fifth avenue or else the da vinci hotel i cant make up my mind
  10. once you're in Manhattan, it's easy to catch a taxi to your hotel.
  11. Exactly. It's easy to get around when you get to Manhattan, regardless of where your hotel is located.

    If you are flying Continental, you will be in Terminal C which is the BEST terminal at Newark airport. Newark is a hub for Continental and they've really done a great job in terminal C...plenty of places to eat and shop.
  12. thanks esiders i think your after making up my mind bout newark especially as you say terminal c is the best now i must just decide where to stay its between Holiday Inn Express Fifth Ave or Hotel Pennsylvania or Wellington Hotel or Da Vinci hotel can anyone say which one they would pick so i can narrow down my options Cheers:ty:
  13. I've never been in any of the hotels, but if you take the NJ Transit train from Newark Airport, it takes you straight to NY Penn Station(do NOT get out at Newark Penn Station, which is the next stop after the airport), and Hotel Pennsylvania is right across the street.
  14. I always fly Aer Lingus out of JFK when going to Ireland. I have not really liked my experiences with Newark, but I think they have done some improving since I was last there. Aer Lingus is usually the cheapest for Ireland to JFK. There are always loads of flights from Shannon to JFK.
  15. Newark is the hub for Continental. When I was flying back from Puerto Rico we got delayed there a very long time for a very short storm. Most people had to stay overnight but we managed to get out (thank goodness!). When we were there another flyer was looking up info on airport delays and found out the Newark was the worst or in the top three for recovery time in delays (eg - took them much longer to recover from a storm, power outage, whatever than most airports).

    That's my experience with Newark.