New2Mulbs reveal......

  1. :smile:
  2. ooh I can't wait!
  3. Ok for some reason I can't attach pics on here!!! Hahahaha sorry I didn't do a big reveal- just a little pic of my new little family x
  4. ooh maybe someone can help! I want to see!
  5. Ok I can now!! Just the one pic of whole family
  6. Lovely eyecatching bays and lily! They are real headturners. I am sure that you will attract some admiring glances with them on your arm. Congratulations xx
  7. Thank u! It's not so much head turning I'm after as having bags I love. I love all things sparkly so had to have the same In my bags.... Next one will be a sedate black or brown I think....
  8. That lily is amazing, as are all the bags! What colour is it? Is it from an outlet? I'm in love, as I'm sure you are!
  9. Cara

    The Lily and the bays are both champagne moon metallic, and the other bays is moleskin giant leopard sparkle....

    I know I shouldnt get the same colour but soooooooooo beautiful! Xxxx
  10. Nothing not to like about admiring glances, lol. Think of them as a welcome side effect to liking sparkly things! xx
  11. Heeheehee
    Very true!
  12. Are the purse and the moon Bays from NP?
    Love your whole family :smile:
  13. Fab collection, very sparkly.
  14. Wow what a great start to your collection

    Oh what a lovely sparkly choices :ps:
  15. Beautiful. Love the lily.