New2mulbs....pebbled versus powder beige?

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  1. :smile:
  2. Hi all

    I've ordered a pebbled beige Bays (bit of madness as I was told only 2 in stock and I'd been looking for a while) and now just been told by he lovely Mooshooshoo that Bicester might have the powder beige in stock. Question is this- does anyone know which has the more pinky tone to it? Saw one about 8 months ago and stupidly didnt take down details so not sure which it is.

    Any help much much appreciated!

    Thank you!
  3. I had the powder beige sbs and now have a pebbled beige Alexa. The powder beige was a pale pink colour, very pretty. The Powder beige doesn't have pink tones at all really. More very pale beige/ creamy tones i think.
  4. Hi new2mulbs,

    I was surprised when I was told the furnishings on this powder beige bag were silver, as usually they are in rose gold...I even double checked with Jordan.....i have been completely unable to find any pictures of this bag! Would like to see it myself........... :smile:
  5. Oh that's what I thought!!! Now this is going to be tricky as Bicester never ever pick their phones up and I'm desperate for that bag!!! What to do... Hmmmmmmm. Also the pebbled beige is getting here on tues! Aaaaahhh

    Do you know what type of leather the powder beige has?

    Thank you x
  6. Hi

    That's my bag! The one with rose gold hardware! You know when you can't sleep for thinking about a bag? (and I have a 5 month old so you'd think id be a bit wiser) well that's how I feel about this bag. If I manage to get it- rose gold/silver or whatever I'll post pics for you!
  7. I have often wondered how close the two colours are.

    If anyone has pis of the two together that would be brill

    I think powder beige has a pinky hue. I have often seen it described as a pinky beige.

    I have the Powder Beige SS Alexa which I would described as stony colour, not pink at all
  8. Have you tried leaving a message when you call Bicester? They are normally good at getting back to you..
  9. Leave a message stating which bag you want to purchase and ask them to call you back....most people don't leave a message. They will call you back.

    The most recent version with rose gold furnishings was in maxi grain....try looking in the reference thread for pics....
  10. The powder Beige was definitely pink! A lovely pale pink , but very pink, a gorgeous subtle colour .
  11. Thanks- I've never left a message as I thought they would ignore! I'm going to call now...
  12. Wouldn't say they were close at all having had both. One is pink and one is beige.
  13. Sue

    The Alexa in your profile pic is that the powder beige? I can't see close up as I don't have permission yet. Any chance you have an old pic you can post of the colour?

  14. That's weird isn't it, when you see pics they look similar, also different finishes can make them look so different

    It shows you do really need to see the bags.I had the same dilemma trying to discover the difference between hot fuchsia & foxglove :thinking:
    It wasn't until Mo posted pics side by side I could see they were quite different :biggrin:
  15. Thanks everyone for help- I've left a message and fingers crossed they will call me back!