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    I just joined yesterday and I hope you fellow CHANeL-ions can help with my very first bag! I am reaaly considering the Medallion tote but am gering towards a Cambon. I've been saving for almost a year! How do you girls do it?! What type of savings plan do you guys have or is money -not-a-thing ;)! No really tell me how you do it!


  2. Well...since I don't smoke or drink coffee...I save my cig and Starbucks money....hehehehe:p

    I say go for the tote!
  3. I save my lunch money, Starbucks and really have not done much clothes and shoe shopping...
  4. I know I was browsing through some of the posts and have seen how some buy a bag every month!:nuts:
  5. I sacrifice designer clothes and shoes for my bags! My social life is dull too so that helps! :smile:
  6. i work hard and don't have a lot of expenses. i shouldn't spend as much as I do on bags...but life is short! :angel:
  7. Welcome! Luckily, I have a sweet husband who doesn't understand the need of multiple handbags and shoes, but he indulges me anyway! :amuse:
  8. I love both bags and i have the cambon and love it but i see the medallion tote being more classic looking and lasting a very long long time due to its leather. so if you are looking for something more classic i'd go for medallion and if something more trendy then go for cambon. Oh, and to pay for purses, i work hard, save money, and it helps when you have a bf that either will get it for you or helps you pay for one!
  9. Me too! I am a mum, so I can't go out with my friends as much as I used to so I am not spending as much buying clothes and shoes to go out in, plus I am saving on taxi's and club fees. I also cook at home so I dont have to buy take outs.
  10. I vote for the cambon!! I know what you mean about the saving, I thought long and hard before taking the plunge with my first Chanel reissue. Chanel bags are so expensive!!! I don't buy luxury designer clothes, try to buy no more than 2 designer bags a year and I guess it helps that sometimes I get a good amount of commission on top of my regular salary! That paid for my reissue hehe :p
  11. I used to spend ALL of my money on clothes. That's when I realized, my closet is overflowing and so are my extra clothes racks that I had to buy because my closet's so full!

    Bags last much longer than clothes anyhow. I still get clothes once in a while, but I'd rather save up and get a bag. :biggrin:
  12. I hardly ever buy clothes or shoes or anything else expensive so I just use that money on purse money! I also just graduated from university so I'm working full time which means a lot more money hehe.
    I love the medallion tote and the cambon, so either one is a good investment. Good luck!
  13. I just purchased a dark bordeaux medallion tote with silver hardware. It is caviar leather and is TDF. Please check it out in the stores. I also have a brown on brown Cambon Reporter but the bordeaux color in the caviar is richer. I truly would go more classic Chanel for my first.
  14. Welcome to tPF and the Chanel subforum.
    Most people don't buy a new bag every month, but there are savings on eBay as long as you get it authenticated here on the thread for that. Otherwise, I would save a certain amount each week till I had enough for my bag. Some people have a policy of selling a bag they already have when they get a new one. It's an individual thing.

    Best wishes!
  15. ^Ok Roey, you have to change that!! LOL

    I am going to work on you until you finally break down and get a pair!