1. These Are My New Items I Got Today
  2. Great items buffinator!
    I love the piggy key charm so cute!
  3. Cute cute cute!!! Love the piggy.
  4. Cute stuff! Love the pig. Your puppy's cute too.
  5. aww thanks you all i love my puppy she is getting so big though
  6. :heart: 'm all! very cute! Enjoy:smile:
  7. Cute!! Enjoy! :smile:
  8. Congrats!
  9. Awww, I adore the piggy charm!
  10. So cute...I love seeing pics of everyone's new goodies. Just makes me all the more resolved to go shopping and continue to add to my collection (so my hubby thanks all of you ladies too..hehehehehe)
  11. where did you get the mini skinny from?
  12. really cute! i love the scribble
  13. Aw! I want that mini skinny so bad. Nice purchases!
  14. Cute stuff! I bought myself the pig charm for my b'day :smile:
  15. Great stuff!! Such a cute little piggie!!!