New Zippy Coin Purse

  1. I was at LV today and one of the SAs showed me the new Monogram Zippy Coin Purse that just came in. Oh it's so cute! It's about half the size of the Zippy Wallet, and each side can hold two cards and there is a pocket behind each of the slots for cards, so really it could hold six cards. It was priced reasonably too, $275. :nogood:
  2. Sounds cute... no pics, I suppose? :sad:
  3. Ooh...I want to see pictures of this! I remember seeing this in the look book pages. Did it come in mono only? I wish it would come in vernis too.
  4. that sounds cute! any pics?
  5. No pics I am wasn't my usual SA, she was helping someone else. I did specifically ask if it was going to come in Vernis, and she said it might eventually. Maybe I should hold out, LOL. I think it would look stunning in Pomme!

    On another note I forgot to mention in my original post, there is a new Le Catalogue out. It has a beige cover.
  6. I saw it in the look book too(it was also in a thread here somewhere) It is also supposed to come in Epi Noir and Ivoire!
  7. oooh! i think i'll pop into LV to look at it :smile:
  8. Sounds great! If anyone has any pictures; I'd love to see it!!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. label addict had posted this on:smile: the fall/winter summary
  11. Thanks for the info. I'd like to go to the boutique but that's going to be very dangerous for me! :nuts:
  12. I did see the small pic of it there, but what I meant to ask was if you took any pics of your own at the boutique...
  13. Someone get it and take pictures for us. :graucho:
  14. I really need a new wallet, but I do not like LARGE wallets!
  15. I hope it comes in Damier too