New Zealanders, please help me with Ugg Australia retailers.

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  1. Does anybody know places in Kerikeri that sell Ugg's Or a online store that sells ugg australia and i situated in New Zealand? Many Thanks!
  2. Have you searched online? There's load of Aussie based Ugg sellers that ship to NZ
  3. jep but i ca't seem to find them
  4. tnx. but the first sells different boots not the deckers ugg australia boots en the ugg site charges 90 bucks for shipping
  5. Oh you want the Deckers ones? I wouldn't have those, don't like their underhand tactics
  6. i don't know what you mean but i love those by deckers
  7. I think I'd skip their Possum Fur G-String and Nipple Covers though.......ewwwwwwww.
  8. Deckers copyrighted the term "Ugg" and attempted to sue small Aussied companies that have been using the term for more than 50 years
  9. i see, but love their boots