New Zealand Meet??

  1. I saw a tall 20-something willowy blonde outside my building a month ago carrying an LV Mono Alma. I couldn't contain myself and went up and congratulated her on it. It was the first authentic one I'd seen on our streets!!:yahoo:

    Last week Miss Alma shared the elevator in my building and got out a few floors before me. Cripes! I don't even know who she is and was wondering if a lunch invite is too rude (??)

    So, I was wondering if anyone wanted to shallow obsess over a long luncheon(??) and make the invitation a 'national' one!!:tup:

    I'm not sure where members might be in New Zealand; but I'm happy to fly anywhere as I'm in Wellington.
  2. Im located in Auckland,

    Just wondering if there are more galls from NZ?!
    It would be awesome meeting up somewhere as internal flights arnt that expensive :smile:
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    There is an actual Louis Vuitton tPF Meetings Sticky just under the Clubhouse Sticky on the main page which is probably a better place to post this as it's easier to find. Maybe we can start a new one there? Or we could keep it in the NZ Club thread so it will give us something to talk about in there!
  4. Thanks ;)
    I found that thread earlier and commented on it, i even linked it to this one :biggrin:
  5. Yes I know, that is how I found this. The link your put in was wrong at the end and doesn't link here though, I actually had to do a search for this thread since I assumed it would be in the LV tPF Meetings Sticky and it wasn't.

    If you would like a general NZ tPF Meeting for any NZers on tPF no matter what forums they post in, then keep this here. If it is a LV specific meet, then I think it would be better if it was in the dedicated LV forum. Judging by your previous posts, I see you post in lots of forums so which did you have in mind?
  6. Hah unfortunately i dotn have any LV's .... yet, i guess i dont mind though :smile:

    LV or not it is still a love for purses isnt it ;) Have the girls in your thread responded?!
    I think we should keep bith alive (more chance to be found).. and link them to eachother ?!