1. Attached is the new YSL that I brought in Woodbury Commons this past weekend.
    ysl.jpg ysl2.jpg
  2. Nice! I really like that bag :graucho:
    How much if you don't mind....I love that hardware
    Enjoy it...
  4. Congrats on your new bag! Are there many YSL bags at Woodbury Commons? What' styles are up there now?
  5. Congratulations!! Pretty bag!!
  6. I love it . . . just like mine, 'cept mine is cognac. Enjoy!
  7. $301.00 with tax included.

  8. Actually, they had alot of different styles, including the spring collection (not sure of the names).
  9. Thanks everyone. I really love the bag also.
  10. OMG 301.00 with tax :wtf: :wtf: is a WONDERFUL price for that bag...I want one:crybaby: ...Can I order one over the phone there do you know???? Thats the price of a wallet..
  11. That is a Super Fantastic bag! Congrats!

  12. I would call YSL in Woodbury Commons. The bag inside tag along with the cards states "rive gauche" not sure if that is exact name of the bag. But here is the item number 801574715 (i hope it is)
  13. The bag is from YSL's Rive Gauche line and the name of the bag is the Saharienne!
  14. Thank You Girls ..I will try tomorrow
  15. Thanks. I was trying to figure out what the name was.