New YSL shopping tote - thoughts??

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  1. Okay, no-one seems to have one, so I got it myself :biggrin:
    Now I'm debating if I should keep YSL or Mulberry Bayswater in this thread: Summer shopper: Mulberry Bayswater tote or Saint Laurent?

    I must say I really like how lightweight YSL is, and its clean and understated silhouette. I only wish the color was more blush. The color is called Light Natural and looks more rose on YSL website. The photos on Mytheresa are much closer to reality. I will even add a comparison photo (photo from YSL is on top):
  2. I love that one! But these stories about quality issues have me scared. What did you end up doing?
  3. Canvas is always a better option. If you are going to use it everyday, carry heavy items like IPads/laptops canvas is stronger. :smile:
  4. I ended up getting this and couldn't be happier: Introducing... Coccinelle ❤
    Apart from not being sure about the color, I was also concerned about possible quality issues. So decided that it's not worth it even if it goes on sale.
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