New YSL shopping tote - thoughts??

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  1. I was actually looking at this one online today. Looks very nice. I’ll definitely check it out in person . Thanks! [emoji4]
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  2. I have this in the taupe grey and I love this, wayyyyy more than the NF. I like the almost lack of logo with option of peeking out the ysl charm for more bling if needed. I am in general careful with my bags and this one still looks like new. So lightweight also! My only complaint is that it can be a bit floppy if not we'll balanced (if just my laptop is in there for example). I prefer it to all my other totes (NF, Celine phantom Cabas).
  3. Thanks for your honest opinion. You’ve just helped me decide that this isn’t for me and now either NF, Tod’s Joy OR Hermes garden party or double Sens
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  4. I don’t own any Hermes or Tod’s. But I can testify on the LV I own. I got 2 neverfulls and a speedy b and I love them. I also got a canvas antigona tote that i simply adore!!!!
  5. I have a speedy from years ago. I was thinking NF or speedyb but quality has gone down hill. NF straps dig into my hands when I tried it but I do find a tote so practical. Apparently speedyb are experiencing cracking on some batches according to LV at the moment but they don’t know which batches
  6. I am obsessed!

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  7. Both totes are beautiful! How have they worn over time? Does your burgundy scratch easily?
  8. I am not able to answer that yet since I only have them for weeks : ) For me, the leather feels quite durable.
  9. Both are beautiful! Congratulations :flowers:
  10. I am not able to answer that yet since I only have them for weeks : ) For me, the leather feels quite durable.
  11. Both are gorgeous! I love that they are understated|, yet you can pop out the YSL logo tag when you want. This bag is definitely moving up my list.
  12. How to clean and take care of this shopper tote?
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  13. Gorgeous !!!
  14. Does the croc one get wear and tear quickly too?
  15. Hi all,

    After having had the bag (I have it in black) for about 2 years, I would say I will not purchase this bag again. The wear and tear is really disappointing. I remember within the first year I noticed that the straps were beginning to crack and even had some fraying with threads coming out, the corners were scuffing, and the heat stamp was starting to fade a little— I use the bag daily for work, but I do baby it (never on the floor, never threw it around, never too heavy—water bottle, wallet, small makeup bag, etc) I took the bag back to the store to do repairs after the first year—the SA said they could repair the straps and the corners but not the heat stamp, it took about a month to fix the straps and it looked good. But even so, after about 2 months of use, the straps began to crack and fray again (sometimes I cut the loose threads sticking out...) At this point, I no longer have warranty on the bag and haven’t taken it back for repairs— maybe I’ll take it back for strap replacement (not sure how much they would charge) But as someone said in an earlier post, I’ve had cheap bags last better than this. I’m so disappointed that I picked this bag over the neverfull... so much regret! For those of you thinking of purchasing, I would NOT recommended.

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