New YSL shopping tote - thoughts??

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  1. Totally understand you. This is exactly the reason why I haven’t gotten it. I’m scared of getting it and scratching it and it looking terrible. Neverfull really is a great durable bag. Think u made a good choice [emoji1360]
  2. It’s very durable. I use it for business trips, shove it under airplane seats and carry a heavy laptop in it. It still looks brand new.
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  3. Wow really!? How long have you had it? So no wear and tear in the corners? Could you please post pictures?
  4. Attached Files:

  5. and what about this one: [​IMG]
    Does anyone have it?
    I'm wondering if this bag has a solid bottom
    or is like shopping bag tote
    in which it is outlined what I put in?
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  6. You'd be better off getting the Celine small vertical Cabas, which is almost identical but I feel more robust!
  7. I just saw this. It’s basically a smaller version of the large shopping tote. The bottom is the same.
  8. what canvas in the NF did you get may I ask?
  9. I got the Damier Ebene canvas - I find that I like it more than the monogram (it goes a lot better with my style) and there's no vachetta on it to worry about - it deals really well with rain as the leather is treated. I've had a LV bag with vachetta leather on it, which I really couldn't deal with, haha, water stains were imminent. I can only recommend the DE canvas, it's been a really good bag for me and still looks brand new even though I don't baby it at all :smile:
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  10. I have a monogram Speedy 35 now2.5 years old and my handles felt coated with a repellent of some sort when purchased and the first day I took it out in heavy rain and not one water spot was left on the vachetta. To this day it has a lovely gold patina with no spots! Apparently LV did at some point treat the handles etc to protect from water. Guess I got one of those! I’m personally scared of voted canvas due to the cracking/ peeling issues, also, mono colour contrast just turns my head every single time. I love the colour contrast. We are all different. I bought ebene speedyb last week but the handles were on the bag wonky so returned it. Sadly that print doesn’t speak to me And I have other wet weather bags to use when it’s disgusting outside ha ha
  11. I’ve seen the corners wear really bad on some from fashionphile. That’s what stopped me from getting it.
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  12. Anyone have another designer tote that they love that isn’t the neverfull or the YSL tote?
  13. It’s not ‘ designer ‘ but anyone that appreciates leather and quality hand crafted bags will know this Italian brand. ‘ the bridge ‘ unica Bag. Google it and see what you think :smile: I have two, navy and orange.
  14. The Chloe Milo Tote is gorgeous!
  15. Thanks ! I’ll definitely check it out [emoji4]
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