New YSL shopping tote - thoughts??

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  1. I just received mine from MF yesterday, same as yours smaller but a bit longer pouch but the price is great. The tote is around $1200+tax CAD in Canada. Farfetch and MF both prices a little lower but including tax and duty and they both have the same new model with smaller pouch. I chose MF because their price is $1115 including tax+duty and I got a 15%off code from MF so great deal to me.
  2. Yay for discount codes! Let me know if you have any tips on how to care for your bag.
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  3. I’m not the best on taking care my bags, took it to work today the first time and it was raining LOL
  4. I received mine yesterday from MF, great price with the discount code I got. Sorry about the light but this one is in navy blue. I need a lightweight tote to rotate with my GP and Epi Noe for work and this baby DOES the job!

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  5. I got my first tote in black from Nords and there were some blemishes on the leather and after three months they got worse. I took it back and got a dark gray, which I love. But after owning this bag for a year here’s my honest opinion. I would not buy another one. I think in one year I used it for full three or four months alternatively since I don’t like to use my designer bags two months in a row. Today I noticed that one of the corners is already showing signs of wear. I think that is ridiculous for that pricepoint. I got handbags at banana republic that handled way more beating than this. I tend to be very cautious with my bags. Today I cleaned it, conditioned it and sprayed leather protectant to put in the closet again. I am not going to return it but when I compare to LV it makes me appreciate my neverfull so much more. I’ve used my neverfull, when I bought it 5 years ago, so much and it looks brand new. Even my Tory Burch bags look better after 4 years. If you are rough on your bags this one will not last. The leather is soft
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  6. Yes, mine is slowly but surely starting to show wear on one corner. This bag is like a very sensitive baby... lol. I used for a month now in October and it is going back to the closet. Pulling out my Givenchy Antigona tote to handle the daily grind. I should have known. But I thought to myself: “it’s saint laurent. It will be great quality”. Uh.... not necessarily. Learned my lesson
  7. Can someone tell me if Coal, Dark Anthracite, and Earth are the same color? I purchased the tote in Earth from NAP but it seems slightly cooler colored than I expected. Thanks!
  8. Just ordered one in black from Net-a-Porter because my faithful Longchamp I use for work is slowly disintegrating. Fingers crossed regarding any quality issues!
  9. i've been eyeing this bag for a long time now, but am worried that the SAINT LAURENT monogram will fade overtime. anyone who has this bag - can you share if this is likely?
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  11. How did you get a code for MF? ;) Interested in getting one to buy something....
  12. I had this bag (but sold it recently). The monogram on the bag did not fade for me over the time that I had it (which, admittedly, was only about six months). The monogram on the pouch did fade, though, and quite quickly too, but as that one is inside the bag it might have rubbed against items and the bag itself, which likely sped up the process. The monogram on the bag itself was in pristine condition though, even without me babying it, so I wouldn't worry about that :smile: I asked in my local store whether it can be repaired/redone if rubbed off and the SA said it could be, so I wouldn't let it keep me from buying the bag if I were you!
  13. Why did you sell yours? I keep going back and forth on this bag. I’m still very undecided. Thanks!
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  14. Nice tote, but I prefer ones with zippers, had my wallet stolen before in LA :sad:
  15. I was really undecided on whether to sell it, because I LOVED the bag and I still think it's stunning. But for me, it was gonna be an everyday bag in which I could stuff everything in without worries – and I couldn't do that with this bag, I was almost scared to bring it outside sometimes. The bag is beautiful in all its simplicity and I just felt that if it got any scuffs or marks, it would not be as beautiful anymore – so I didn't want to bring it outside where it could gain any of these scuffs – which is a bit stupid, if it's your everyday bag :smile: So I sold it and got myself a Neverfull instead, which fits the same/more and which I can even get caught in the rain with without worries and marks! I love the bag, but it was not for me, I discovered.
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