New YSL shopping tote - thoughts??

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  1. Hi! Has anyone seen this new large shopping tote? I've been looking for a simple, classic leather black tote and this one fits the bill. The price isn't terrible at under $1,000. My fear is that the soft calf leather will show scratches like crazy. I would use this for work and travel. What do you YSL experts think of this tote? Pic borrowed from the YSL web site. TIA! :smile:

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  2. Saw this in person and it was nice! The leather was very smooth. The downside of it to me was that it didn't zip close. I know that's not a concern for many people but living in NYC I like bags to feel very secure... But if you feel safe with it, I think it's a very classy bag that will go with just about anything. Can be dressed up or down and the price is very good too.

    I've read a lot about scratches showing on YSL smooth leather though so hopefully someone who owns this can contribute about that.
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  3. Does anyone know how the interior of this bag looks like? Are there any pockets? or is it just one big hole?
  4. I have an older version of this bag. Mine is reversible (yellow leather on one side and black canvas/yellow leather combo on the other). It is an open bag but it lies pretty flat against the body when carried. I've never felt it was a problem and my Gucci swing tote actually has a bigger opening. The small bag is nice. It is detachable so you can use it like a clutch. I use my bag for work when I have files to carry. For me it is too big for everyday use.
  5. I'm also eyeing this bag versus the LV Neverfull. I checked both measurements, quote similar. I'm not sure if I should just get it. Would definitely like to see more pics.
  6. I just saw those today, for the price I do not think it's bad at all. I really want to see a good comparison vs the Neverfull GM. If it's big, I really want one.
  7. Not a massive fan.
  8. I spotted this I love it. I've got a lv neverfull GM but I love the simplistic look of this, and I'm surprised by the price for Saint Laurent, £590?! Extremely good! On the website only dark beige is available, I was hoping to get the dark grey. I've yet to see it in person though! Hoping to get it when I go to Paris in April x
  9. I'm planning on getting the neverfull gm in a few weeks, but I saw this bag yesterday on and also the YSL website. I think I'm more in favorable of this bag because it's not flashy and I like the soft leather. It's only available for pre order though :sad:
  10. Just looked on the website and apparently only the dark grey is available online for now, which means I have to travel to Paris to get this bag in black leather.
  11. Thanks to everyone that shared their thoughts on this tote. I'm still undecided. Anyone out there that's purchased this bag and can give insight as to how delicate (or not) the leather is? TIA! :smile:
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  12. Hi, you can research on google details of the bag and maybe some reviews about it. :smile:
  13. I have this bag (in the Bordeaux / wine / burgundy color --- seems like ysl / saks / nm all call it something different!)

    I've only used it once or twice but I'm happy with it for the price. It's pretty floppy / unstructured when empty, very lightweight.

    It doesn't seem as smooth and scratchable as I thought it might be. As far as my other bags go, I'd say it's definitely going to hold up better than mansur gavriel or the really smooth nappa leather bags (like the inside of my prada double) but not as well as something like LV canvas or prada saffiano. You can see from the picture that the leather has a bit of texture to it. I'm new to YSL so can't really compare to their other bags.

    In terms of quality I don't think it's anything more special than your average leather tote from
    Nordstrom (just was looking for an example and the Madewell transport tote seems like a fair comparison). You're definitely paying for the name printed on the bag. I'm going to keep it though because this is my favorite fall color ever and it is lightweight and will go with everything.

    Hope that and picture helps. let me know if you have other qs!

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  14. And a close up in better lighting.

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  15. thanks for your review and pics - looking at it up close it seems indeed less sensitive than their other leathers!
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