new YSL rouge couture glossy stain

  1. Thank you! Guess I'll just have to try in person... :smile:
  2. My lips aren't that pigmented and it was very rusty orange on me.
  3. Damn! So many corals do this to me... :sad:
  4. The best lipstick/gloss/stain. I have 3 , 10 & 20. I'm temped to get more... :smile:
  5. love #3
  6. I keep seeing swatches of this one and it looks so nice and peachy.....on everyone else but me! :sad:
  7. resurrecting this thread...I've become addicted to these glossy stains and was told today that YSL is releasing new colors in January!! I have 5,6,& 7. I have neutral coloring, meaning I have equal olive as pink in my skin tone. So it's challenge to find lippies that complement my tones...hoping the new colors will have something I can use, I love these so much!
  8. love #3

  9. Hi
    I have and love #&...and also have pigmented lips.
    This shade is a beautiful, coral on it. Not too bright, not too pale.

    I LOVE these and can hardly wait for new colours!!!!
  10. Thank you! May be worth doing some hauling this weekend then :graucho:!
  11. I got #19 and its the perfect pink nude I've been looking for.
  12. Looking forward to seeing the new shades...
  13. There's a new peachy one! Have you seen it? One of my favorite Youtubers Instagramed it
  14. No! I haven't seen any of the new shades, thank you! :biggrin:
  15. I ended up returning #19 because it became too drying on my lips. So these will be a skip for me.