new YSL rouge couture glossy stain

  1. I am dying to try all of these, they just seem to be The One/s. Wish I had a YSL counter here.
  2. I got 17, a barbie pink, and it wears so well the formula is HG for me. I think I might have to buy a neutral pink and a red too to complete my color must have wardrobe.
  3. I got my #15 today and I am so excited!! Kind of like a fuchsia pink.
  4. Yesterday I ordered 12, 15 and 19. They will be here today, so excited!
  5. I have 4, 5 and 7. Each one is amazing! I LOVE this formula and that weirdly natural yet synthetic blast of raspberry scent when you first apply it :p

    Now that I got my instant gratification, I'm going to hold off on more till the next beauty event that pops up somewhere and get a few more :biggrin:
  6. enjoy.. its a great lipstick/stain..
  7. I picked up #15 in the Sephora/VIB sale; still not sure what I think. Good pigmentation, but really dries out my lips.

  8. I have to agree. I picked up 3 during the sale and while I love the color, the shine, the staying power, I find them a bit tricky to apply and they dry my lips out pretty badly. I think they might be going back. Shame b/c they *look* gorgeous.
  9. Just picked up #6, 10, 14, and 20 today at Sephora and I'm wearing #20 right now. #20 is everything I've hoped for in a red! Simply stunning! Too bad #5 and #7 are sold out already. I'll have to look elsewhere to get these two.
    I'm officially obsessed about these.:p
  10. I would love to try these. I haven't bought one thing from YSL that I didn't like.
  11. try them... you shall be pleasantly surprised... think they are the best on the

    market for right now....
  12. Today, at Sephora, I picked up #5! I didn't think I would pick up such a color as this, but I think it's a wearable red for me!
    I am surprised that this is not drying on me, as most stains are. For me, these hold up better than Dior Addicts, which do dry me up!
  13. i would strongly recommend purchasing this OFFLINE. you need to go to a department store and SWATCH it. i got mine IRL and when i went online to see what people were saying about them, i noticed that the online swatches are nothing like what they look like in real life. i got #15 on St. Patrick's day and it comes off a "Le No Make-Up Look" kind of shade as a stain, but it does look like a dusty pink with gray undertones on the applicator and in the bottle.

    the true color comes out after you press your lips together. i tried out the #12 which looks very pretty online and on the brochure YSL dropped me. it was supposed to be a "coral", but i swatched it and it was a light tangerine. no, seriously: don't buy online.

    and yes, it's not drying. but i'm surprised that people are saying it's not sticky. compared to Dior lip gloss and Dior lip balm, YSL is kind of sticky.
  14. I got it today too and for the exact same reason! Love it!
  15. I expect this color will also be good when the weather gets warmer and I get a little more sun. :smile: