new YSL rouge couture glossy stain

  1. Has anyone tried the new YSL rouge couture glossy stain.... do you like the colors

  2. Yes, love these and have bought several. I find it is not sticky and actually quite moisturizing - very comfortable for long wear.
  3. ^thanks... will check them out at BG over the weekend...
  4. I bought this last weekend and I love it. It isn't drying like most stains and it really is a good mix of a stain/gloss. It lasted on my lips for a long while and that was through drinking coffee.
  5. Thank you for starting this thread! I am so excited to try these out. Several colors are calling out to me, including Violet #1, Brun Cashmere, Pourpre, and one of the Rose shades.
  6. A+ quality... I keep buying more and now I have 5 colors..
  7. What is a lip/glossy stain? Never heard of it before :shame: Is it different from gloss?
  8. ^ Hey Nat! :heart: I played with the new YSL gloss/stains yesterday at Sephora. They are a light, non-sticky gloss-type product which leaves behind a nice stain on the lips as it wears off. So it is basically a gloss-stain hybrid available in a wide range of colors. I tried all the colors, and #4 Mauve was personally my favorite. #16 Pourpre and a few of the rose/pink colors are nice too. Sephora didn't have the #1 Violet shade. HTH! :smile:
  9. Hey Steph! :heart: Thanks for explaining it to me! Non-sticky actually sounds good to me, because I really dislike the sticky glosses.

    I'm going to check these out soon! :tup:
  10. They aren't sticky at all and wear really nicely.
  11. I love the formula, I have sensitive and dry flaky lips and most lip products make me peely, but this gloss/stain does not! I have #17 (a nude pinky shade) and #15 (brighter pink shade), #17 is more for every day wear and #15 is if I want a bolder lip. Both colors complement my fair NC20 skintone very well. I thought I would like #19 (pale pink) but it was not very flattering with my coloring (fair skin, dark eyes and black hair).
  12. Ohhhh, these sound lovely! Thanks for posting.. I'm going to have to look them up at sephora.
  13. how are they on pigmented lips? ie: do they show up nicely?
  14. They have a good pigment, my lips are very pigmented and they show up on my lips! I am liking mine so far.
  15. I'm really wanting to try these. I don't have a YSL makeup counter in any of my nearby dept stores, and I'd love to see them in person. I don't even know if our Sephora has these in stock, but I plan to check there before buying online. I am definitely interested in #15, and probably a few more if I can find somewhere to see them in person.