New YSL muses for fall 2006

  1. Hi. Does anybody know anything about the new colors for the Muse bag for fall? I know that the colors are going to be Nero, Red and Oak. I have seen the red on the website already, but was wondering about the Oak and the Black. Is this going to still be the black bag that is out now or are they going to change it? Thanks.
  2. Haven't heard anything....even from the SAs. I guess we'll have to be patient......which I'm not!
  3. YSL muse for fall comes in a smaller shoulder bag and there's a twist in its design. As for the colors, they are going to come out in fall, rich colors.
  4. There are three colors available for preorder on the Saks website with different anticipated ship dates depending on the color. The only size that is being offered online currently is the oversize. The bag pictured currently for presale has the same design that the previous bags do. I heard something about a black distressed patent coming out somewhere else on this forum. I was wondering because I just purchased a large Black one, but if there is going to be a style change, I may want to wait to use it.
  5. Black is a forever/basic/classic color that tends to be available again when an extremely popular style is released in different colors for new season. Like Fendi Spy & MJ Stam, I believe this is this the case for Muse as well.

    Muse is so popular, I'm not a bit surprised that YSL will be releasing new variations of it (in addition of the existing ones). How much do you like your Large Muse in Black? If you absolutely love it, I think you should keep it. Oversize is the most in-demand size, but it really doesn't matter if it overwhelms you and doesn't fit your style.

    I can be wrong though...
  6. I love the oversize Muse so much that I pre-ordered it in red, I hope it's a deep red?!
  7. I just got a chocolate muse. I really preferred it over the black. I also have a lot of nice black bags already. The chocolate is soooooo deep - that in some light it looks black - but I think the fact that it's dark brown makes it seem special.
    I also have a white XL coming in soon. I really should part with one of them....
  8. Oh Beaux! Isn't the chocolate so pretty? I think it's more special than black too:smile: I'm glad to hear you're bonding well with yours. But oh.. the white! Can't wait for yours to arrive so you can give me your thoughts. That was my first choice but I've never seen it in person. I'm really happy with my brown one tho:smile:
  9. ^^I know it's going to be SO hard!!! I really will have to part with one - and I can't imagine parting with my Chocolate Muse now!!!

    The muse in black is classic for sure - but also kind of blah to me, just another black bag. The bag really shines in the chocolate color though - so beautiful!!!

    Even though it's a HUGE bag - it's really not hard to find anything in and I like that I can carry so much so easily. Tonight I had a book in mine, a stack of papers, the usual wallet/checkbk/makeup bag - a bottle of water and some other stuff and it was fine!
  10. I agree 100%!...originally I wanted the black oversized Muse but, it wasn't available, so I got the chocolate :love: . I'm so glad that I took the really is beautiful!
  11. Where can I locate a black YSL muse handbag? NM online said they only have the white.

    That brick handbag is gorgeous!
  12. Nordstrom in San Diego CA (Fashion Valley Mall; 619.295.4441 ext 1250, ask for Joseph) and Seattle WA. You can call them directly or have your local Nordstrom SA do it for you. =)
  13. There's a 10% off promotion code on Saks every month (SHOPMAY).
    Nordstrom matches competitor's offer, you can ask Joseph to honor that offer. Good luck. =)