New YSl . . . I think it's called a Pergame?

  1. The tag says it's called a Pergame, I believe? In any case, I adore it. It is so pretty in person!

  2. Oh, you got it! Congratulations! Wear it in good health!
  3. is that from the fw05 collection?? the cross theme makes me think of the chalice pumps and papal embroidery of some of the pieces from that season.

    where'd you find it?? :nuts:
  4. The card says:

    2005 3
    YSL Sac Pergame
  5. I like it alot! Congrats! :yes:
  6. It has such a unique look about it... just love it!
  7. Congratulations.
  8. Nice YSL.
  9. Congrats. Very Nice
  10. wow i love that bag! it is quite unique and amazing! enjoy it!!!
  11. Is the black part on your bag suede? So unique, Ronda!
  12. It's actually a very dark brown suede. I was very pleased with it.
  13. cute
  14. girls, does anyone know where I can find this??