New YSL Elle perfume - have you tried/what do you think??

  1. Have any of you tried the new YSL Elle perfume yet??

    I tried it on Sunday in my local store & initially thought it smelled very similar to Cinema. The SA said it was completely different and that Elle has more rose in it. She sprayed them both on sample cards and yes..they are different, allbeit quite subtle.

    I liked Elle. I found it to be lighter than Cinema and less spicy. Although I adore Cinema, sometimes it can be quite heavy during the day, so perhaps Elle is the answer!

    Always keen to add a new one to the collection! :yahoo:

    What do you think???

    ladypenelope x
  2. I smelled it the other day,
    Its not my faviourite YSL perfume, I like In Love Again best.
    But I do agree with you that it smells a bit like Cinema, although I think Cinema is a little spicy and more harsh.