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  1. BAC5FE16-F9FC-4CC1-9B29-29FDE05C2DC1.jpeg 80B89943-3938-45EB-8C0E-7A14C64644A3.jpeg i got this a few weeks ago and finally used it today. It’s so cute! Plan on throwing it in my bigger purses as a little wallet during the day time and using it as a clutch at night. Today I had my key pouch in there and a lipstick. Has a pocket in the front as well!
    87817D2E-48BC-4750-A788-CD33A0E211FD.jpeg 9F7F6E4C-7B2A-4102-8238-81040B429AE8.jpeg 78D2B90E-FFF6-4460-A214-4A824A672131.jpeg 5FF1FD6F-DA60-4FF7-B799-06C78B5C73B0.jpeg
  2. So beautiful! Can you put your phone in there along with your key pouch and lipstick?
  3. Thanks!! I can put my iPhone 8+ in there on its own (it has a case and pop socket on it) but can’t put it in with the key pouch and lipstick
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  4. Thank you!
  5. 5C267DC9-8383-4AAA-912F-C3D5D61CDFED.jpeg A275E64F-8236-4917-BA31-DCC880CE12B1.jpeg
    Hi there, I just got the same pouch, but I found the quilting on mine is not perfectly aligned, im not sure if my photos are clear enough.Do you mind check yours and let me know if that’s normal? Thanks!
  6. This is really cute. What's the price point? And does it come in other colors?
  7. Hi hun. Sorry I forgot to take pics of the side, but yes, mine looks very similar to yours, it looks a little misaligned.
  8. Hi. It’s $350. There’s a few others colors but most of them are sold out. I have this navy and I pre ordered it in yellow on the YSL site. And I’ve seen maroon, red , black white pink
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  9. Love this! I am thinking about gifting one for christmas, but am finding that its on preorder until march. Where did you purchase from?
  10. i purchased mine from Neiman Marcus
  11. Thanks for the share. I'm building my SLG collection. I would use this for bills and/or receipts and misc. stuff.
  12. Thank you, I ended up returning mine, apart from the alignment issue, the logo and the quilting design seems... a bit too much for me.
    Since I really like the compartments of this pouch — I’ve been looking for a slim wallet that can fit bills unfolded for a long time — I ordered another one with just pebbled leather and “Saint Laurent” embossed on top, can’t wait to receive it!
  13. Pop by my local boutique today after work to pick this up. The silver paper bag is so gorgeous! :loveeyes:
  14. Ahhh I want that silver bag! Your pouch is beautiful. But I want the silver bag now :nuts:
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  15. Had to stalk the UPS truck for it this morning :biggrin:
    9DEA23A5-D7E2-4C3C-A6F6-9BE6D8590731.jpeg 3496D899-568E-4C8F-B8BF-1C1EB23C1422.jpeg