new YSL bag in June issue of Elle

  1. Looks interesting!


  2. All three of those bags look very interesting. I have to say the YSL looks a lot like the reversible bag but in different leather and a chain. Im not too sure I like the chain though. I cant wait to see it IRL!
  3. I really like it, anyone know the name?
  4. ^^^No, it's the first time I've seen it, and there's no info. on the fall bags on yet...
  5. What a gorgeous bag! I like the lock detail. I wonder how bright the chains are (shiney-MJ-style or the traditional YSL brass?)
  6. i love the YSL bag..its so so hot!
  7. am loving the chain detail!!!
  8. Wow, i think the lock and the chain are really cool!
  9. Wow - that bag looks hot!
  10. Cosmo, thanks for sharing. =)
  11. loving this bag. esp the chain & lock... :smile:
  12. i don't like it.
  13. Love it. The shape looks great, the leather - yummy and
    I love the chain.
    Thanks for sharing!