NEW YSL BAG ( double , gauche or a muse)?

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  1. Hi all, I like to get a new YSL bag (always used prada), would you suggest a white oversized muse, gold or silver double or a white gauche?
  2. I still like the Muse the best and I think it looks nice in white leather (at least online). The white python Muse is really beautiful but I think it's over $3k.
  3. i like the muse.....
  4. I like the muse!!!!!
  5. I agree about the Muse. I think that one's most likely to become a classic that you can use for many seasons.
  6. I love the Muse but i think the Gauche is more likely to be a Classic, i think that the Muse maybe too much of an "it" bag even though it's TDF.

  7. I thought I had already answered this but I guess not!! Anyway, I'm really a fan of the white Rive Gauche. I pre-ordered it last night from Saks... so we'll see... It won't be here for a couple weeks.

    After carrying the Muse for a few weeks, the thing I think I'll like about the Gauche is the shoulder strap. If you have several bags then the Muse is perfectly fine without a longer strap that fits over coats, etc. But if you have only one "good" bag that you like (my situation), then it could be an issue... especially when traveling, etc. I like the way the Gauche can be carried messenger style or using the short handle.... either way.
  8. ^^ go for the white rive gauche girl :wlae:
  9. Would choose the muse never liked the double
  10. I like rive gauche the best. It seems to me to be more classical, than Muse. Plus, everyone is wearing Muse and there are so many fakes all around!
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