New YSL autumn's it-bag

  1. This bag is claimed to be the new it- bag for this season by Instyle magazine (UK edition). It's called "Rive Gauche" which means paris's left bank. The name typifies cool french chic. In my opinion, i love the name and the bag.
    It's 910 pound ($1495). For the price, i wonder why it 's even more expensive than Muse which looks more classic to me. What do you girls think?

  2. I haven't seen this one in real life yet but I prefer the Muse. Not to say that this one is ugly or anything...
  3. I like the Muse better, but I also like this bag.
  4. I love this one, too! Where is the photo from?
  5. I am liking it - not sure if I prefer it to the Muse though :smile:
  6. I like this bag quite a bit too. ;) I just wonder if I'll find it too similar to the Muse.
  7. definitely like the muse better. much more classic.
  8. I like this--will have to swing by YSL to look in person, though.
  9. Will you let me know your impressions? I like the Muse, but kind of like that this is a little different. The shoulder strap is a big plus for me, as well.
  10. i agree, the muse is definitely nicer and classier
  11. I don't think I like the shoulder strap. But, I like the flap--altho. it may be proportonally too small for the bag. I think the black works best, but now I'm thinking that maybe it is too similar to the Muse--on the sides, at least.
  12. I do like the bag, but I think the muse is more of a classic. This one looks more casual and less a slouchy bag, with really soft leather...I like it =)
  13. for some reason, it reminds me of Lanvin Kentucky. I still prefer my Muse.