new yorkie!!

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  1. i bought the cutest little yorkie last month.
    i've wanted a dog for YEARS but i never actually got around to buying one because i was afraid i would realize i didnt WANT a dog but i wanted a dog to LOOK at. HAHA
    but i decided to be brave and go buy one.
    i found two cute little yorkies at the pet shop that i went to in la and i was torn! i didnt know which one to choose so i called my brother to come and look at the puppies and he chose for me!
    i absolutely LOVE her! i named her minnie :p
    she's three months old now and i bought her when she was two months old..

    i am SO sad though because i went back to the pet shop to look at minnie's sister but she was GONE!!!
    i felt so heartbroken :crybaby:
    MINNIIIIE.jpg minniee.JPG
  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!:heart: she is too cute reminds me of my little mooey when he was a baby!! Enjoy her Yorkies are the bestest. CONGRATS
  3. Awwwwwww so cute! Congrats and enjoy your new little princess!
  4. She is adorable!!! Makes me want a new puppy
  5. Congrats - She is such a sweetheart.
  6. Congratulations...she is adorable!!
  7. How cute she is! Minnie is a perfect name--she's a mini dog. Hope you have many loving years with her.
  8. :love: She is sooo cute! Congratulations on your new...errr...addition!
  9. Oh I'll bet the person who bought her little sister was Britney Spears!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, she just bought a new little Yorkie.
  10. :love:You chose a perfect name for a perfect little princess! Wishing you and Minnie a wonderful life together!
  11. OMG, minnie is adorable! And don't be sad because her sister was gone - that means she found a good home and isn't stuck in a pet shop anymore!
  12. THAT's toooo cute!!!!..... :heart::heart:
  13. yorkie are the cutest dogs to have!! mine is fearless...
  14. thanks to all you tpfers~~~!
    it means a lot to me :smile:

    im still having SUCH a hard time potty training her though :sad: it's SO hard!!
    she was good for a couple months and she always went potty on the pads that i bought but she's just pottying EVERYWHERE this week. it's absolutely horrid
  15. Oh my gosh!!!! Hoe incredibly CUTE!!! Congratulations on your new furbaby!