New Yorkers- You OK?

  1. Yesterday's blast in midtown shook me up... Seeing those images on the news made me do a deja vu retake of 9/11. Hope all the New Yorkers on the forum are doing ok. Anyone have any stories they want to share about midtown worries? Traffic or commuting issues?
  2. i hope all of the new yorkers are safe, it must have been frightening if you were close to it when it happened
  3. My SO was working just a block away from the blast. When I found out I was scared to death but thankfully he's fine. I hope everyone else that was in that area is safe too.
  4. That was pretty freaky.
  5. I work 3 blocks from it, but left the office at 5:30, to head to the gym (explosion happened at 6:00). For some reason, I didn't feel like going to the gym, so I went home. Didn't know what had happened until 6:15 when I was on the express bus on my way home. People who normally take the subway, were on my bus, and the bus was PACKED. I normally get home in 40 minutes, yesterday it took almost 2 hours.
  6. I missed it, what happened?
  7. Thanks everyone for your concern!

    Due to the ridiculous amount of rain we got yesterday morning, I wasn't able to get into work because both the subway and the LIRR were flooded in Queens. The severe weather was the lead story on all the networks until the steam pipe exploded.

    Yesterday, was just a weird, scary day. First we had apocalyptic weather, and then a random explosion. I can't wait for the weekend.
  8. You're in my prayers, everybody!

    Stay safe!
  9. Hope everyone is OK. Good to hear from some of you.
  10. I read about that it must have been really scary for the people nearby. I'm glad everyone is safe
  11. Theres always something happening in NY!! When I was there with my Nan last time there was the black out!
  12. Manhattan was my home till I moved 5 years ago. Hope everyone is ok:yes:

  13. BF and I were downtown, having ramen at the new hole-in-the-wall place we found when it happened.

    NYer's are so accustomed to strange events that I think it didn't register as it did with ppl across the nation, watching it on tv. I mean, Con Ed, Key Span, MTA, LIRR, NJT, all the things that are supposed to work seamlessly in the background so we can do OUR jobs, frequently hiccup. I mean, during the winter, NYer's have to deal with exploding manholes from the salt dripping onto exposed wiring on a daily basis. An explosion SOUNDS like just another day. But an explosion like this one is something else...

    BF works a block away from the blast, and his company was open yesterday, but at around 1pm, the co sent all the non-essential employees home because the power was so spotty. They actually had to bring in generators and cut off ventilation for a few hours.

    The thing I'm rather surprised at and really proud of is that the first responders were at the scene immediately. Air tests were done immediately. And life resumed almost immediately. I don't think anyone's better at dealing with crisis than NYer's.
  14. We New Yorkers are husband felt and saw the blast from his office and he and his partners instinctively evacuated down 16 flights and headed south. He did not know what had happened and of course suspected the worst. When he finally got through to me at home I turned on the news and the info started streaming in. He had to walk all the way home...uptown but he was fine. He is a life time NYCer and takes it all in stride. I am sure it would have been different if they were not so quick to rule out terrorism. And let me just add that Mayor Bloomberg seems to be the voice of reason, calm and professionalism in any time of crisis. What a great president he would make.