New Yorkers I Need Your Help.....

  1. My brother will be moving to NYC within the next month. Having never been there, we have no idea
    where to start looking for a place to stay. Do you all have any suggestion? Can you recommend any good neighborhoods? He'll be working in Manhattan (200 block of Park Avenue). Anything nearby that's not ridiculously priced and decent?

    Oh, and one more thing, what would you consider a salary to comfortably live. I realize the cost of living in NYC is quite different from the south.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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  3. I suppose no one here is from New York? :confused1:
  4. My daughter and her friends did a google search under "new york city apartment" and found a few possible rentals that suit their price range and needs. Then they took one day off from school to view the aparments in person. Luckily they found a 1400 sq ft luxury apartment near Wall Street, and the place has a gym facility and more. Although you may be looking for something entirely different, I think you can surely find something by google searching (at least learn about what is available first).

    NYC rentals, especially in Manhattan, is very expensive. Unless you are splitting the cost with someone by sharing the apartment, you may find yourself having to live outside (perhaps way outside) of Manhattan. Neighboring boroughs such as Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronze, or even crossing the state to New Jersey may be your options.

    Some people (e.g. like my nephew) paid some brokers one month's rent to look for an aparment for them. This is a common practice. Both my nephew's and my daughter's apartment cost $4000 a month plus utilities. My nephew's apartment is in mid-town, and my daughter's is downtown in the financial district, a few blocks from Wall Street and the new Hermes boutique. Mid town rentals are more expensive than downtown rentals. For the same rent amount, you get newer and larger apartments downtown.

    The best time to start viewing apartments is within 2-3 months from your move-in date. Thus, your brother better hurries.

    Good luck with your search.
  5. You should look at craiglist nyc,, the and even columbia and nyu websites. You have to have everything ready (thousands of dollars handy, letter from your workplace, financial statements, reference letters, etc.) just in case you find a decent apartment in a nice area. There are furnished apartments that your brother can rent for a month or two so he can find a place. He should definitely start looking ASAP!
  6. Thank you so much!!! Great information. :tup:
  7. check craigslist. what about living in brooklyn like in the williamsburg section? its very up and coming and trendy. i live in williamsburg its great.

  8. :sad: Wow...that's what do you need to be bringing in to make a comfortable living in the city?
  9. laru, it really depends on how you define comfortable. I think most young people moving to NYC unless they're in finance or law are going to find the city an extremely expensive place to live and roommates a must. I take it your brother's HR dept isn't offering any relocation assistance?
    A short term, furnished rental might be an excellent idea so he can get a feeling for the city, where his coworkers live, what his salary will afford him, whether he wants to trade off a longer work commute to have more cash for clubs, restaurants, all the things that can make NYC a great deal of fun.
    Your basic one bedroom in Manhattan can easily run upwards of 3,000 a month. Williamsburg (in Brooklyn) is definitely a young, hip option. There are some close-by (subway) neighborhoods in Queens too, like Long Island City and Astoria with lots of little restaurants, coffee shops, places to hang out.
    Good luck !!
  10. astoria is reasonably priced these days, for nyc