New Yorkers...I need some info!

  1. I know that there are tons of tpf guys and gals from New York. A friend and I are planning a trip for this weekend. We are both in our early 20s and looking forward to a weekend of shopping, partying, and catching up. We are thinking of subletting an apartment for the weekend. One of the places on our list of possibilities is near Union Square. I know nothing about the area. What is it like? How is the shopping? Are there many restaurants and bars nearby? TIA!!
  2. i personally LOVE union sq. Its right next to some great restaurants, close to soho for hte shopping, wholefoods, and close enough to the west village for bars and partying. You could always take a 8 dollar cab ride too to any bar/clubs that are around.

    That area is great to just walk around as well, really relaxing during the day time.. its not too busy but has a lot of things to do.
  3. Thanks for the info!
  4. Union Square is probably a perfect location for you list. It's going to be be in walking distance of everything you want. For shopping I would definitely go to SoHo and if you walk around and get lost you can easily find some great restaurants. I think it will still be nice enough out so that you can find a place that has outside seating so you can people watch which is always fun. As for bars I would head to the west village. The blocks are pretty much consumed with bars. There ban be anywhere from 2-4 bars on a block. It's not a club type are though. But they have a nice variety.