New Yorker's - I need help on what do I wear to...

  1. Since I moved to the East Coast from Texas, I am either over or underdressed for something.
    My husband and I have tickets to a Sunday matinee showing of "Wicked" at the Gershwin Theater on July 30th:yahoo: . Do I wear a dress, a skirt, pants, heels, etc?
    Also, we were thinking of going to a nice restaurant in Manhatten.
    I am open to suggestions. How soon do we need to call for reservations?
    I have heard the 21 Club is nice, but how expensive is it for two? We don't drink, so this always cuts down on the bill.
    Also, what do I wear to the suggested restaurants?
    Help me, please, I am totally clueless and I would like to avoid looking totally out of place.
    Also, how do the men dress at the theater and the restaurants. We are fish out of water!!:hysteric:
  2. Wear casual comfortable clothes to the matinee of Wicked. I'm going to that show on August 22! You'll be in very hot, humid weather.
  3. you can never go wrong with black do a monochromatic black thing-go with a lighter fabric it will be hot but slacks, a nice blouse, and some killer accessories and you'll feel right at home!
  4. Dress for the restaurant, not the theater. People can be surprisingly casual at the theater, plus you're going to the matinee.

    Are you going for lunch or dinner? Lunch is obviously more casual. It's always a good idea to make reservations but most places will not be that packed unless it's a trendy new place. Check out for menus with prices.

    As for what to wear to the restaurant, dress in terms of the restaurant's scene. If you need advice on particular restaurants, post their names. :biggrin: For 21 Club, something more formal is nice: black dress with accessories is always a good standby.
  5. I like Carmine's if you're up for some good Italian food. It's probably in the area of the theater
  6. Its true, I often am overdressed when I go to the theatre. People are so casual these days. Dress for the restaurant. All black is always good too. I like Carmine's a lot. Great portions!!
  7. it's Ny you can't look out of place
  8. that's true in NY practically anything goes. i like to people watch on broadway. it's pretty funny looking at all these people walking by. you get a little bit of everything.
  9. smart casual. It doesn't really matter as long as you don't look like you just rolled out of bed. When I saw it in nyc a year ago, I just wore nice jeans and a clean top.

    it isn't something you have to get super dressed up for at all.
  10. Dress for the restaurant, not for the theatre. Wicked's been out for a long time, so it will be 100% out-of-towners. For dinner, it's always better to be overdressed, than under, and I disagree that "it's NY, you can't look out of place". You want to enjoy your experience, and it always feels better to fit in. A basic black or white summer dress can be dressed way up with killer accessories. It depends on the place. For 21, dress up. For Carmine's, it's out-of-town theatre goers, so it doesn't matter.
  11. Don't wear sweat pants, don't wear an evening gown. Really, in New York you can get away with ANYTHING in between. Just look on the edge of fashion- designer duds and you are set! The fact that you are on this thread means that you care very much for fashion, so I am sure whatever you were will be in great taste!
  12. This thread is helping me more than you can know! I'm off to NY in September (whats the weather going to be like?) & I am sooo scared about messing up my wardrobe I've been planning it for months!

  13. At the shows it seems that people just wear anything- much of this is because tourists go to shows last minute etc. You are going to a matinee- no need to dress to nice. I'd say wear a skirt and blouse- and you most likely will still be overdressed. As for eating, there are some great places in the theatre district! I am a HUGE fan of Victors (it is cuban cusine) and Gallaghers (steak house). Those are both on 52nd between Broadway and 8th. Either way, do what you feel comfortable with- pretty much, anything goes!!

    HAAA I sound like I know my way around now!!! :party:
  14. Yes megs! you sound like a true New Yorker :biggrin:

    Do New Yorkers dress up in the evenings? not particularly for a show or dinner, just generally?
  15. Enjoy Wicked, I'm in love with it, and I want to see it again! You'll never be able to watch the Wizard of Oz again the same way you did before you saw Wicked!