New Yorkers!! I Have Lv Invite If You Wanna Go!

  1. I got another invite for the LV Fall/ Winter collection preview and modeling on May 25 at the NY store..if anyone is interested in going..They can use my invite and RSVP-:yes:
  2. I would LOVE to go!! But NY is so far away. Plus I've got school. :sad:
  3. gah, that would be so awesome! But I'd have to fly across the country!
  4. How old do you have to be? Me and my friend would love to attend but were only 15 :sad:
  5. I think I have to work, what time is the event? :smile:
  6. Why do I live so far from NY? Bummer :Push:
  7. im from nj! i would love to go if no one else claimed it.
  8. I live in NYC and can go! I would love it if it's still available. :smile::heart:
  9. Will pm the info to you..
  10. well how old do you have to be?
  11. oh man, i wish i lived in ny!
  12. I live in Hoboken, so I'm across the Hudson...seems like its been spoken for.

    Whoever goes, FILL US IN!!!
  13. Whoever goes...HAVE FUN!!!!!