New York!

  1. I am planning to go to New York for the first time this Spring :yahoo:, but I am unsure about how long to go for. Would it be worth going for 2 weeks or would 7-10 days be better?
    Will be staying near central park so where are some good places to eat/relax in between shopping and sightseeing? Thanks everyone!
  2. hi im so jealous i was there in july i loved it i was there from monday afternoon til saturday afternoon and i saw all the sights did loads of shopping and i even fitted in a day at woodbury outlet i think you would have loads of time for ten days i stayed near times square but went to central park for an afternoon and it was beautiful walked in to where the memorial is for john lennon enen got my portrait done in central park definitely do all the sights i would recommend top of the rock and do it by night so you can see all the lights especially the empire state building you should do the empire state building by day and the circle line tour where you see statue libirity also ground zero chinatown little italy ect as for shopping what can i say fifth avenue and for budget shopping century 21 i loved daffy's, forever 21 has lovely stuff too and very reasonable definitely go to woodbury its a shoppers paradise i enjoyed that the most there is so much to do but i managed everything in 5 full days but i was up every morning at half 7 so i was ready to start the day for bout 9
  3. aw im jealous too. i went for the first time in march. turbodiv is right you can do it all in a week but be prepared for aerly mornings and lots of walking. i stayed in a hotel opposite madison square gardens which was huge but very basic and right in the middle of everything.
  4. Do you think I could do everything in less than a week? Many people go for long weekends or 3-5 nights? I know it's going to be pricey therefore there is no point booking hotel for a week and finding that I do all the shopping/sightseeing I want in the first few days.
  5. i was there 5 nights and i saw a lot but i wish id had longer. the only down side to spending a week there is that you will be so unbelievably tired. it took a week for my feet to recover from all of the walking i did.
  6. I'm going for 5 nights...also in the spring. I hope to try and start planning now to fit in as much as possible.
  7. try looking into renting a place for a week instead of hotel. it sometimes works out cheaper.
    New York is alot like London and can live there all your life, and still not see everything.
    But if you're not used to the city's life and pace, 2 weeks might drive you crazy...

    And don't forget, Woodbury Commons alone can easily take up a day!
  8. Are you staying on the east or west side?
  9. ooh you'll love new york, i went for the first time in september and i fell in love with the place!

    i stayed for 5 nights and did all the major sights and loads of shopping, if it's your first time there, more then 7 days might drive you nuts?? i agree with cherry pie though, get some comfy shoes because you're feet will hurt like crazy with all the walking!!

    i fitted loads in, if you want my itinerary just let me know!

    i stayed in a hotel off times square, which was convenient for subway lines, but next time i visit i will definitly stay nearer uptown/central park, it didnt seem as crazy up there! (and of course its nearer to Barneys!!)

    i'm so jealous of you, i wish i was going back!
  10. Check out and for things to do and see. Both are good sites because people review all different places.
  11. If possible, I'd highly recommend a week, AT LEAST 5 days:yes:. It's such an awesome city, SO MUCH TO DO/ 24 hours a day! Bring one pair of going out heels, otherwise, plan to live in casual comfy shoes/sneaks. It is the food capital, so enjoy the food as much as your shopping excursions & sight seeing. Definitely try Chinatown Brasserie, it's unlike any dim sum. I get a kick out of their presentation, Shilla on 32nd street for deelish Korean food, Sushi Sen-Nin for good sushi without breaking the bank. Stop by Serendipity's (because it's so popular and well-known for years) by Central Park for their sweet treats. And for chocolate, I'd recommend Jacque Torres Chocolate Factory. I'd highly recommend catching a couple of B'way shows, great museums (definitely try to squeeze in the MET & MoMA), and the usual tourist highlights, like the Top of the Rock(efeller Center), Empire State building, Ground Zero, Central Park, etc. Peek at the Plaza hotel and have fun at FAO Schwarz toy store. Fifth Ave and Madison.. tons of shops. If you are here during the wknd, partake in the madness for yourself by walking & shopping in SoHo & Nolita. On good weather, streets overflow with street vendors and PEOPLE! Great for shopping and just people watching!! OOPS. Stop by the Meat Packing District for galleries, then to more fun fashion, then more good food (Stop by Morimoto's for his special dessert, Tofu Cheesecake, TDF!!!!), then to drinks afterwards! Someone mentioned Forever 21 stores. There's a huge one down in Union Square (surrounded by a mega DSW shoe store and Filene's Basement discount department store) and you just have to go in there. The loud pumpin music will mesmerize you to pile on inexpensive t's and what nots. Since you are coming in Spring, you can plan ahead and write to a live television show, such as The View, or Live with Regis and Kelly, Rachael Ray or Dave Letterman, etc, and request tickets. This way, when you are in town, you can be in the live audience! Why not?? Ahh..So much to do... NYC is my :heart:, you'll love it! Enjoy your stay!!!!