New York

  1. Hi everyone,

    We are planning a trip to either NYC or HI in December for our annual vacation (we haven't decided yet; we have a long list of pros and cons for both places). I know December is still months away, but we like to plan ahead :P.

    My vacation usually consists of shopping, shopping and more shopping... My friend just informed me that she read somewhere that there's no longer sales tax in NYC. Does anyone know if it's true? She couldn't locate the article she read. If it's true, I think I am ready to book my tickets to NY.

    Any ideas? Anyone from NY? Thanks for the info :biggrin:
  2. Unfortunately, there is sales tax. Now, NYC has these "tax free weeks" twice a year where everything under a certain amount ($120?) is tax free.
  3. Oh, maybe that's what the article was saying. That's a bummer :sad2:. I was so excited when I heard about the no sales tax. Oh well, I guess back to my Pros and Cons list.
  4. You must come to NYC in December! The holiday season in NYC is not to be believed!
  5. So, so true! I love NY any time of the year but ESPECIALLY that time of year! It's amazingly beautiful! Almost dream like!
  6. My boss is a New Yorker, and he's been trying to convince me that there's no Christmas like Christmas in NYC. Personally I'm leaning toward NYC, but DH loves the sun, the beaches, etc, so we are going to have to discuss some more, and hopefully we can come to a decision (I think I may have to whisper "NYC" over and over again in his ears while he's sleeping :P)
  7. i live in NY. no sales tax on clothing and shoes less than $110
  8. Here's some info on NY sales tax...

    Beginning April 1, 2006, there will be a year-round exemption from the New York State sales and use taxes and certain local sales and use taxes, on clothing and footwear and items used to make or repair exempt clothing, costing less than $110 per item or pair.

    What's $110 when you're shopping in NYC though? That will not buy you much, unfortunately. :sad: But, I agree with everyone regarding Christmas in NYC. I've been going every year!
  9. Thanks for the info everyone. no tax less than $110 on clothing and shoes? I am going to add that to my Pros list
  10. Come to NYC you will not regret it, in December especially it is so whimsical, romantic and cozy (maybe snow ) The shopping will be fantastic plus all the Christmas lights will be in full bloom. Lets not forget the famous department store windows, Henri Bendel, B.G, Saks, it is truly exquisite. :love:

    I hope you come.
  11. Really? There is no sales tax on clothing or shoes in NYC? Just NYC or all of NY state? Because I live upstate and we have taxes on clothing! I think we still do...haven't gone clothes shopping in a while...
  12. You guys have totally convinced me to go to NYC. Gotta convince DH now.
  13. I was about to say this. It's a new law
  14. Oops sorry. Didn't mean to give wrong information. I lived in Manhattan for the past 4 years and moved to Washington less than a year ago. Didn't know about the new law.
  15. The other thing about December in New York is that it's peak sample sale season and now also a lot of the stores have their Christmas sales before Christmas, so the shopping is really good in December.