New York vs Paris purchase

  1. Have any of you ladies purchased anything from Chanel in Paris? I ask because I am going to be there in a few weeks and I am trying to decide if I should bother waiting to get the 2 chanel bags I want in Paris or if I should just get them in NY.
    I am thinking the stock in Paris will be include some bags we haven't seen in the US yet and the price maybe slightly cheaper as well.
    any thoughts?
  2. I was there in NOVEMBER.They are cheaper so wait to buy them there.Just got to all the CHanel boutiques..I found they all had a totally different stock in each one.
  3. when i lived in london, i actually rang up chanel in paris to compare prices. it turned out the prices in both cities are about the same.

    jill is right. it's cheaper in a way that you can get the VAT back when you leave europe.

    good luck!
  4. Get yer refund back in cash from the airport..OTHERWISE it took them 4 MONTHS to credit mine to me
  5. paris chanel boutique has more variety and check out the department stores as well. i found it to be a bit cheaper than the states but not a whole lot.
    Jill is right- get your refund back at the airport but the downside is that customs ask to see the purchased item so getting it out of your luggage was a hassle.
  6. its definitely cheaper in paris! :yes: after collecting VAT. ohh how i wish i could drop by paris soon! :tender:
  7. Going in july! So excited...
  8. thanks for the feedback! I will def wait for Paris then. I agree on the cash return. DH and I travel alot and this is what we have always done, I've hear horror stories about the process with the credit card return.
    Very excited about the trip! :yahoo:
  9. I always thought with the VAT, it is cheaper to buy from Paris. However, sorry to disappoint you with this, I read from other threads that if you claim VAT in Paris, you might need to pay the tax when you enter the States because you only allow a small amount of tax free goods. Others also said that they just walk pass the customs in the States and it will depend your luck whether you will be caught.

    Another issue is the Euros is really strong at the moment.
  10. is it only in paris? my parents are taking me to italy later this year. would the prices be comparable?

  11. :yes:

  12. Yup..u are right:p