New York Store

  1. I just called the new store to purchase a bag and the SA informed me that they do not sell over the phone and that she could not ship the bag to me. It is normal practice for Hermes?
  2. if you are unknown yes it is i am afraid
  3. New York is known for being strict on those sorts of policies...if they don't know who you are they won't give you the time of day until you come in...

  4. Bummer:crybaby: :crybaby:
  5. but what was it anyway spill the beans! :nuts:
  6. What bag was it? I've had things shipped to me from NYC on Madison....of course not a Kelly or Birkin.
  7. If they know you, or can at least look you up in the computer, they'll ship...
  8. Btw, do they keep your purchase history in the system? One of my stores (NOT the one with my credit) said that they used to but they stop recording anything in there, now all they have is my name (not even my phone#).
  9. It is a red Kelly - 28cm.

    I spoke to someone called booky - I think.
  10. Oh.....maybe that's why, sekmeht. I don't think my store here in San Fran will ship Kelly's or Birkin either.....
  11. You probably mean Bukky Akano. She's really sweet.

    No, they usually won't ship unless they know you.
  12. I've heard of her from a member. I hear she's sweet, but they won't ship you that bag anyway because they need the physical credit card and they don't know you. They almost never ship kelly's or Birkins anyway. Unless you r a super client.
  13. Once a store knows you and takes your credit card imprint then I think it is easier to get them to ship things to you.
  14. What if you shop at another Hermes...will they look you up and then ship if they see you are a customer?
  15. I think that is an "all depends" kind of thing.

    I have heard so many different little rules/actions from different stores. I feel alot depends on the manager.