New York State Of Mind......

  1. I just got back from the Big Apple and yes, I shopped till I dropped but it was a sad week too since I left my 2 oldest there for work/school. I saw Usher in Chicago, Wicked, went nuts at Juicy Couture downtown and at Saks, ate great deli at the Times Square Juniors, got a lot of MTV VMA clothes and souveniers, did Chelsea market and ate at Iron Chef Morimotos restaurant...I'm so tired I'll post more later if you're interested!
  2. a picture is worth a thousand words so post pictures :smile:
  3. sounds like you had fun!
  4. Oh yes please post some pics!!!
  5. Sounds like you had an awesome time. I echo the other posters...please show some pics!!
  6. cool ...wheres the pics ???

    how did usher do
  7. Ooooh, Morimoto's!!!
  8. welcome back!! Oh yes, please post pix!
  9. I saw the Project Runway window at Macy's Herald Square and it was so cool to see the actual winning designs IRL. Madly in love with chef Anthony Bourdain so had to go to his restaurant also, Les yummy and they let me in the kitchen for a photo (I'm such a groupie)! Saw paparazzi in front of Barneys and a Maybach. I have a food hangover like I've never had before......white clam pizza at Lombardis, the thickest hot chocolate with homemade marshmallos at City Bakery, hot pastrami on rye at the Carnegie Deli. Tiffanys was going through a remodel so we used the steps to the 5th floor to see the sterling silver jewelry.
  10. It sounds like you had a great time here in NYC. It's a fabulous city! I feel very lucky to be a native New Yorker. Come visit us again real soon!
  11. I love City Bakery- not only do they have great hot chocolate, but their desserts are to die for, too. Carrie wasn't kidding on SATC- their brownies are the best in the city!
  12. Wow! You really did it up proper! Sounds like good times!!