New York scarf still around??

  1. Hello Ladies,
    I will finally be able to visit New York again in May. I have wanted to get the Wall Street commemorative scarf ever since I heard it was being issued, but the SA's at various boutiques in Germany had never heard of such a scarf and so I'm still "NY-scarf-less".
    Are there still any of those scarves around?? Or have they all been snapped up? If I could choose I'd prefer the teal CW (I think I saw Guccigal's pics of her teal scarf).
  2. there might be a few in the drawers.
  3. Thanks, Guccigal!
  4. i saw them in 3 colors at the Wall Street store.

    There's a tie that's unique to the wall street store too. I believe it has tiny bulls in repeat pattern on one side, and bears on the reverse.