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  1. hi i was on holiday here for a week in july with my aunt we stayed in holiday inn express fifth avenue 45th street and i must say it was great accomdation fairly basic but clean im hoping to make my second trip next may with my boyfriend it will be his first time here just wondering can anyone recommend hotels around mid manhattan want be near time square rockfeller area etc only thing is that the price of hotel must be fairly reasonable/cheap/budget will be there for 5 nights all that matters is that its central and clean it can be very basic i want cheap and cheerful accomdation any suggestions oh yes one more thing im not keen on a hostel idea but i will welcome all suggestions
  2. anyone:idea:
  3. There are thousands of hotels in NY. You might try or any of the popular travel booking sites like expedia or travelocity, as each will give you general ratings for your hotel specifications.
  4. You should also try doing a search on this forum. There are lots of good threads on where to stay and what to do in NYC.
  5. thanks fatefullotus and gr8heart i definitely wont have trouble knowing what do cause while i was there in july i fitted loads in and i researched loads on what do there so i will have no problem that way its just trying find cheap accomdation i searched trip advisor andvarious package deals and accomdation is pretty dear so i was looking for some budget hotels that wont break the bank
  6. try radiocity apartments-they're such good value. I was also there in July and I'm returning in January again. Those aer lingus flights are good value at the moment!
  7. thanks bee i will check it out:yahoo:
  8. You could also try You don't get to see the name of the hotel before you book, but they give you the general area that it's in and the rating for it. You end up getting huge discounts by not seeing the name.
  9. thanks lilian will check it out
  10. i have stayed in pennsylvania hotel
    near time square and penn station
    i'm not sure about the prices, we booked flight and hotel together for about 600 euro p.p.
    but this hotel was simple and clean, the bath could have used some whitening and some tv channels dind't work but other than that nice hotel
  11. thanks suzannevuitton i know the hotel your on bout must price it on
  12. ok just after pricing flight and hotel for 5 days to stay in pennsylvania. Hotel and flight its 990.14 euro per person. I found a hotel called portland square hotel 5 nights and flights 945 euro per person. Does anyone know anything bout portland square hotel near times square.
  13. hey you should try expedia! i just booked up to go in february, like you for 5 days and it came to 533 pounds (not sure how much that is in euros)! we are staying in hilton garden inn times square which is like a few blocks from times square..they have excellent reviews so maybe you should try and check out the price for you!
  14. Look at
    They list deals that hotels are offering.

    We stayed at the Millennium Broadway Hotel a few months ago. It was a nice size room, VERY clean and an AZAZING location if you want to be in Times Square.
  15. Another good site is - I've used them for NY hotels...