new york! new york!

  1. Just wondering if y'all can help this canadian out - heading to nyc for 1 day and would love to be in the 'know' as to where all the shopping hot spots are in the city!
    i will of course be heading to woodbury outlet.. is there thing else i cant miss out on?

    thx in advance!
  2. also check out
    there are links on that page to local sample sales and bargains, as well as a review of major stores and boutiques.

    and ofcourse, century 21 for bargains...and i believe Saks still has their final cut sale? also bergdorf and bloomingdales should also be having their final sales now.
  3. thx for your responses!

    another question... which neighbourhoods should i stick too? nyc is HUGE and i have limited time there.. so i just want to make sure im not wasting time on travel time (walking/cabing, etc)
  4. Depends on what you want. Highend boutiques and major department stores can be found on 5th/Madison Ave area (e.g. Saks, Barneys, Bergdorf, Jimmy Choo, etc.). Tons of other specialty boutiques can be found in SoHo (e.g. Rebecca Taylor). I also really like Jeffrey in Chelsea, but not much else around there.

  5. Gina, you mentioned that you are heading to Woodbury Commons (outlets) that the same day that you plan to do some shopping in NYC itself? I ask because Woodbury Commons is about an hour and a half outside of the city and it's a HUGE place. It deserves at least a full day just on its own.

    I second the other comments, but wanted to add that in addition to Jeffrey's in Chelsea, there is also Fisch for the Hip, which specializes in very, very high end retail (lots of Hermes bags, but plenty of other great stuff too!).

    Have a great time!
  6. Cynthia,

    yes im going to check out woodbury 1st thing in the morning via train. Best way to get there you think? HOPEFULLY ill be back in the city by 4pm and check out the little boutique stores and department stores by 8pm. ah!! im already stressing just thinking about it!

    if anyont out there would like to join, feel free to pm me! i would love the company!

  7. hey gina, it's pretty ambitious to do woodbury and city shopping in one day. good thing to know is that if you end up staying at the outlets, you're not missing too much in the city. most of the sales are over, or really picked through. when i head to the outlets, i'm usually there for at least 5 plan on getting there when they open, if you want to head back to nyc to shop. by the way, stores in the city close a bit later on thursdays...
  8. i just got back from nyc, was there for 2 and half days. the first half day i spent on fifth avenue, it was not enough! the second day, the entire day i spent at woodbury commons (barely enough), the last day i went to SOHO, it was about enough.
  9. oh my god im just back from new york first ever trip was there from monday morning till sat night went woodbury on the grey bus from port of authority at 8.15 was there at half 9 shops open at 10 i was finished again for 3 so i got the 3.25 bus back new york so i needed 5 hrs there and i mean i was flat out loads off shops there fantastics deals i was back in new york again for half 4 definitely check our forever 21 beside macy and i found some nice bargins at daffys i got some much i ended up havin to buy an extra suitcase i cant wait to go back again
  10. OMG, ONE day?? Honestly, I'll be super impressed if you manage to fit anything other than Woodbury in there. Woodbury always takes me a full day and I'm always completely wiped at the end of the day! If you do get back to NYC by the afternoon, the 5th/Madison Avenues area is a must, Century 21 is not to be missed, and SoHo is a lot of fun too!

    Have fun and good luck!!! :nuts: ;)

    OMG, I miss New York... :girlsigh:
  11. Hi Gina! I agree that doing Woodbury AND NYC shopping in one day might be too much? Especially since Woodbury will EASILY take a whole day AND there are so many spots in NYC, all worth checking out...The sample sales will be a little be scattered but then you have 5th avenue area, Soho, Meatpacking District even, and Century 21 is all the way downtown in Financial District so thats a full day, if not more...So try to prioritize because you also have to take into account the transportation time too! Good luck and have a great time!!!

  12. As someone who grew up in the area, I recomend the bus over the train! The bus leaves right from Port Authority in Manhattan and takes you directly to the shopping center. The closest train stop is about a mile away down the road (busy road) and leaves from Hoboken (not from Manhattan)
  13. Depending when you are coming, SoHo is pretty hopping right now. There's a huge Orla Kiely sample sale going on this week.
  14. Forestthrutrees,
    i read on the MTA website that there's a train from Penn Station New York to Metro-North's Harriman Station via NJ TRANSIT Secaucus Junction

    would you still recommend the bus over the train?