New York Law School (NYLS) Any Opinions Good or Bad?


Sep 23, 2006
Hi MakingDecisions! Sorry for the late reply, I haven't gone on the forum lately because of finals....but I am officially done with my second year of law school at NYLS!!!! I wouldn't change my decision to go there for the world! That being said, it is a brutal legal market right now, and finding a job will take hard work, coming from NYLS it will be even harder. If you want to go into BIG Law, it is a big risk, the career office will tell you that if you are not in the top 5% you need not apply, because the big firms specifically request to only see the top 5% at fall recruitment. However, there is a spring recruitment which is open to everyone, and small/mid sized firms, public interest, and government jobs can be found there. Although the $$$ in BIG law sounds tempting, the lifestyle the comes with it is a big commitment. NYLS has had a very very high bar passage rate, I think about 92% which beat many of the higher ranked NY schools.

Some more updates lol...
At NYLS I met my soulmate! We met in our first year and have been inseparable ever since! We now are proud owners of a condo in NJ, and the commute to school is a breeze, 10 minutes on the PATH and voila! I will be starting an internship at a litigation firm on Wall St after the holiday weekend, so finding something was not impossible...but it was hard I'm not going to lie! Housing is very expensive in Tribeca, so be prepared for a long commute if you choose to live in NY, or migrate across the river as many of my classmates do as well! Jersey is a cheap and convenient alternative to living in Tribeca, and Hoboken has a great nightlife. So if I didn't go to NYLS, I wouldn't have met my sweetheart, I would probably not be a homeowner, and I would never have had all of the great experiences and memories of these past two years. In sum, follow your heart and your gut, and don't be afraid to take a risk!


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Jun 15, 2009
Leave your woe's behind re: tuition repayment as help starts JULY 1, with a law change allowing consolidators of guaranteed student loans (stafford and grad plus) whose payment after accounting for poverty level would be over 15% of their income to make payments for 25 years at about 10-12% of their annual income--which i found to be about 1% monthly payments. And at the end of 25 years, your debt is wiped clean! doing public interest, government lawyering? try 10 years. So, whether you borrow 180k or 280k your payments are based on income--not interest plus what you borrowed. Hence, 50k=500/mth, 60k=600/mth, . . . 100k=1000/mth, etc. Hence, don't let the cost of your education or school deter you from going where you want. Check out they are on Facebook too. See ya in August, I'm going to NYL Evening and living in student housing. Best, Mitch

PS are guys allowed on this site! LOL


Apr 1, 2007
Mbabek, I'm so happy to hear of your successes and your happiness that you've found with NYLS!! And I wish you continued success with your internship. I got offered an internship at a law firm as well, but I feel a little intimidated to take it because I'm an undergrad student. Should I go for it, even without law school experience?

Best of luck to you! :heart: I'm so excited to hear that you've had good experiences. I suppose there are times when good things happen to good people. lol